Awkward Teen Says Shes Not Good At Talking, But Judges Are Blown Away When She Starts Singing

It’s hard to not like Danielle “Danie” Geimer.

A self-proclaimed bookworm (and proud of it), Danieauditioned for The X Factor USA back in 2013.

And before doing so, she revealed that she is not good at talking to people. So how would she be able to sing in front of thousands?

At the young age of 15, she took to the stage of The X Factor.

She had been singing since the age of seven, but her first love was always reading.

“When most girls are going off to hang out with their friends or go to mall, I’m usually in my room reading. I read, like, about, like, neuroscience.”

Simon Cowell wasn’t there to judge, so Danie would need at least two “yes’s” from judges Kelly Rowland, Paulina Rubio, and Demi Lovato.

Her chosen song? The classic “House Of The Rising Sun,” a choice that had the judges a bit taken aback.

Until she started singing, that is.

Kelly Rowland couldn’t hold back her impressed shock, and neither could the audience, who instantly exploded into cheers.

“Miss thing, you are it!” Kelly exclaimed!

But then, to the surprise of many, Demi asked Danie to take off her hat.

With just a moment’s hesitation, Danie removed it, and the crowd cheered.

“You are gorgeous!”

In the end, Danie got a yes from all three judges, and she went on to place in the top 16 in the show, and she still has a loyal fanbase behind her today.

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