Pixel Studio FX 2.0 Push Button E-book and design tool

September 19, 2016

Lately, I’ve been getting really frustrated with my graphics. You see, as a digital marketer, I relay on my presentation of my graphics to really help me get more leads and sales. Now, typically, I run off to the freelance sites, get a designer to make me an ebook cover and in about 5 to 7 days, I’m ready to go. So, frustrated by this, I decided to search for…


Make every contact on your list count EmailJeet 2 Desktop email Software

July 20, 2016

There’s only one secret to email marketing success – Inboxing! It should come to you without breaking your bank, or breaking your back. Sadly, the common experience is that email marketing is insanely complicated because there’s no reliable way to send emails consistently and get them to inbox. The autoresponders are no help. They deliver late, have low open rates, and do not allow list imports. That’s why when I saw this new email…


WP Commission Machine [Just 51 Secs] Set & Forget Ecom Affiliate Sites That Make Money

July 14, 2016

Ecommerce is SUPER HOT. There are Billions of dollars in sales, every single day across the top 3 ecommerce sites. 10000+ affiliates that earn commissions from these sales. But – Do you get a piece of all those commissions? Not yet maybe but NOW YOU WILL. Introducing => WP Commission Machine A brand new 3-in-1 Affiliate Store Builder software that creates a complete ecom affiliate site in 51 SECONDS. =>…


Revamply – Next Gen Website Editing Software…

July 11, 2016

It’s an easy to use editor that allows you to do something that was previously unheard of… …you can edit ANY of your websites – html, WordPress Clickfunnels, ANYTHING within one dashboard. You only require one login and you can add up to 50 websites and edit them without a developer or a designer all at once. Sound good? Well it gets better. It’s name is: Revamply It’s a NEXT…


Traffic + Sticky Posts = Profitable website. Engage, Monetize, And Automate

July 1, 2016

If you want to generate more revenue and buzz there is ONE thing you need to do. Create engagement.   See how to do it QUICK with Cindy’s new WP plugin Engagement is the number one thing when it comes to building out a successful and profitable website…   … but it’s something people just don’t seem to focus enough on. Perhaps it’s too hard? Perhaps people just don’t realise…


WP Linkshield 2.0 – The affiliate Link Cloaker that WORKS in ALL social sites

June 26, 2016

Want to know how marketers are literally losing up to 60% in affiliate sales? + How to fix these Instantly… Chris & Michael of Cyber Tactics found 7 HUGE COMMISSION LEAKS that are costing affiliates thousands of dollars right now… WP Link Shield 2 The Strongest and Smartest EVER Link Protection and Cloaking plugin  .   99% Link Cloakers Break Responsive sites If you think you are protecting your links…


Get Your Own Video Affiliate Site in 60 seconds with 1-Click Video Site Builder

June 24, 2016

Video is HOT – you know that! What you may not know is that people are spending more time watching Youtube videos than TV. That’s a FACT.What if you could make passive income while entertaining people? Introducing 1-CLICK Video Site Builder. This brand new WP plugin creates a fully AUTOPILOT video affiliate site in under 60 seconds for you… =>> SEE IT IN ACTION – Live Demo . All you…


WP Tweet Machine WordPress Plugin Builds Twitter Followers on Complete Autopilot – Any Niche!

June 24, 2016

TWO Marketers have finally figured out how to get 100s and 1000s of REAL Twitter Followers …..in ANY NICHE on complete AUTOPILOT. Shocked? =>> Watch This Video to see how they’re doing it. . They used to do this manually until they built a software that automates the entire process… They call it – WP Tweet Machine It takes 2 minutes to setup and then, it is completely set and…


Toonvidio The Worlds First 2D AND 3D Video Animation Software Explainer video

June 22, 2016

Are you tired of fighting to glue together different video editing software to create amazing explainer videos… … That convert viewers into buyers? Yeah, me too. That’s why I was particularly excited to get an email announcing the much-anticipated release of: “ToonVidio – The World’s First (that’s right) 2D AND 3D Video Animation Software” Yes… that’s right… this is 3D Animation Software! So you can finally make amazing movie-style 3D animated videos to…


Blog Fusion Pro The MOST Powerful Content Curation and Blogging Plugin For Marketers

June 19, 2016

We all know that Traffic is the life line of internet business and you NEED as much targeted traffic as you can get if you want to succeed it online I JUST found a new piece of software that streams laser targeted visitors for FREE, he insane strategies this software uses is sheer perfection, it will make your competitors ook very pathetic Watch the demo to see this Blog Fusion in action!  ….


Autopilot Viral Traffic Get 1000s of Visitors to ANY WEBSITE with InstaViral 2.0

June 13, 2016

Social media websites attract insane amounts of traffic these days. I won’t be wrong to say that they are almost all of the web. Take sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, every day they get billions of visitors together, that’s why they are the best source of organic traffic. The trouble is, it’s not easy to get that traffic. You’ll need to update multiple accounts over multiple social networks, and…


WP Video Ace most engagement boosting video player on the market

June 13, 2016

Have you heard about about WP Video Ace yet? Its the most engagement boosting video player available on the market. And Ive been given a one-time chance for you, my most loyal subscribers to get this for less than half price. But I know this is only available for a very limited time. So click here to see if its still available. With it, you can: Bigger Videos = Bigger…