Dog Fetches Toy Over And Over Again Just To Make His Baby Best Friend Giggle

Let’s admit it dogs and babies make the cutest companions.

They’re equally adorable in completely different ways: dogs are fluffy, wiggly, and entertaining, while babies are cute, cuddly, and giggly.

Put the two together and you’ve got a perfect recipe for cute shenanigans. You’re bound to get a cute moment if you put a camera in front of them.

Dogs also seem to intuitively know that they need to be gentle and loving around babies; they’ll be extra cuddly and make sure that their little friends are happy.

Just look at this baby-dog duo adorably beating the heat with a garden hose; the two are clearly close pals!

The video below features another instance of baby/dog cuteness.

It starts with a tiny dog playing fetch he loves to happily hunt down the ball and triumphantly return it to his owner.

The baby on Mom’s lap definitely adds to the cute scene; he can’t stop giggling at the entire spectacle.

Every time the doggie takes back the toy, the baby bursts into hysterics, then once the ball is thrown, he waits patiently until it is returned so he can laugh at it all over again.

You definitely need to see the entire scene play out below. I bet you’ll have a big smile on your face by the end.

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