Don’t believe that ‘James Comey’ pee tape tweet

Comey not Comey.
Image: SHAWN THEW/EPA/REX/Shutterstock

For every big news announcement there are at least 10 fake news popping up it’s rule.

In this case, after President Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey, a tweet from his alleged Twitter account said: “Disappointed to leave the FBI, a career I’ve loved for 27 years. During this difficult time I just want all of America to know that the pee tape is real.”

Many people reacted:

But naturally, the tweet is fake.

Besides the fact that the text is much longer than Twitter’s 140 character limit…

…and that @InternetHippo is not exactly the CNN, and enjoys posting joke screenshotsas his other fake post, allegedly from Steve Bannon, shows…

….a quick look at the @jamescomey account should dispel all the doubts.

Comey himself said during a dinner at the Intelligence and National Security Alliance leadership that he has both a secret Twitter and Instagram account with nine followers.

“Secret” = certainly not @jamescomey. And it’s very unlikely it had a blue tick next to Comey’s name as in the fake tweet.

But there’s more.

As reported by Gizmodo in March, Comey most certainly uses the secret account @projectexile7, whose tweets have now been set to private (if you’re unsure about this, just read their brilliant investigation, it’s worth your time).

The @jamescomey account, from where the tweet in question was allegedly sent, has been disabled.

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