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This article has 45 Comments

  1. i wish you would upload daily ‘what I eat in a day’ I love yours the most and I always get some much inspo!

    1. Emilia Smyth oh man that would be great but editing is a fairly laborious process and the girl needs a few hours of down time!

    2. Emilia Smyth i think she eats the same things over and over again a lot so all the videos would be the same almost

  2. I’ve heard that you should put in the gochujang to whatever your making, last after the heat is off. I guess if it’s cooked to a certain temp it loses all it’s nutrient value. Idk that’s what my dad told me and he works with a Japanese Woman who told him to do this. lol

    1. Abby Clark I heard that it’s the miso that you’re not supposed to boil because it has good bacteria in it and boiling strips that away. I don’t think it matters about gochujang but not 100% sure on that though.

    2. Abby Clark Gochujang (Korean fermented chilli paste) is supposed to be inserted before everything is cooked.. It’s the base when you are making soup/stew. Normally, you make a sauce out of it with other things (soy sauce, garlic, ginger and whatever) and then put it in the water before when it boils. So the way she is doing is fine. That looks great but what happened to all the soup though 😱

  3. omg this is so easy to make and i actually know where to get the ingredients except for the miso but IS OKAAY I WILL FIND OUT AND THIS WILL BE MY MEAL TILL IM CAPABLE OF LEARNING OTHER RECIPIES THANKS GIRL

    UPDATE: I FOUND MISO GUYS!!!!! Good vegan ramen is about to be a heavenly party in my mouth for days. also I’m in Canada so everything is like a mystery lmao I found it at superstore or “lawb laws” for my other fellow canadians !

    1. hahahahah preach!! I love when I find something that i can actually make im like YUP

    2. GummyBear16 I found the exact red (and they also sell white) miso at my local stop and shop! I believe it was with the oriental stuff

    3. Amazon everything! I was scared of recipes until I learned that pretty much all ingredients are on Amazon.

  4. looks tasty! but just a heads up, you shouldnt boil the miso or the pepper paste. both are full of good bacteria and when you boil it you kill all the good living bacteria in there… :( I’ve learned to put the paste in when you serve it and then you mix it around when you eat it. ✌❤

    1. There is a tool called a miso strainer which I highly recommend buying. I just got one the other day and although I normally don’t like buying single purpose kitchen tools, this one was worth it. You can also substitute with a fine mesh strainer. Put the miso paste into the strainer, dip the strainer into the hot water after it’s cooled down from a light boil, and use a spoon to mix the miso through the strainer to make the soup. AWESOME!

    2. the pepper paste can def. be boiled. gochujang is used in korean food, and it’s put in many dishes that you boil. idk anything about miso though lol

    3. When I’ve had miso only warmed or not cooked, it tore up my gut. It was horrible. I will never have it raw or partially cooked again. I get plenty of good bacteria eating the proper diet, which nourishes, feeds, and propagates all the good bacteria my gut needs, Thank You.

  5. Great video, healthy and so easy. That gotchigong, (apologies for spelling!) do you keep in the fridge or cupboard? I went to use mine from the cupboard yesterday and its covered in fur after not very long. 😖

    1. Hilary Anzaldo you could use steamed rice instead of the noodles. It won’t be ramen but the flavors are still there with the miso etc.

  6. I’m a meat eater, but I’d eat this, looks good :) needs a little more broth and a little less noddles though :P

  7. Can you get the Japanese seasonings and the different sort of stuff like that at Walmart?

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