Host Asks What The Opposite Of Steve Harvey Is, Then Familys Answers Leave Him In Awe

When it comes to gameshow comedy, Steve Harveyknows how to make his audience laugh. Sometimes he doesn’t even have to try and lets hisFamily Feud contestants do the talking.

In one particular episode, Steve introduces the statement, “My man is the opposite of Steve Harvey because hes not ___. Then, he realized his challenge might be too difficult for the eccentric family who took on the challenge.

In the video below, posted on March 11, 2017, Rodvous Stower steps up to the buzzer and taps it first. With an air of confidence, he replies, “Bald-headed.”

Realizing that a bald man had just poked a little fun at his own hairless head, Steve playfully whacks Rodvous in the head with his paper cue card. Luckily, “Bald” gives the Stower family 10 points and control of the game.

Rodvous returns to his relatives and Harvey walks over to hear the rest of the Family Feud contestants’answers one by one. Boy, is he less than impressed.

When he moves up to Leticia Stower, she leans over and leaves Steve in awe. She replies, “Sexaaaaay!”

The slight discomfort is evident in Steve’s eyes as he looks around the audience. Believe it or not, this family’s answers continue to be pretty interesting but mostly incorrect.

Check out the rest of their answers and see what happens next in the hilarious Family Feud video below. Finally, pleaseSHARE this story if you thought of the winning words before the Stowers did!

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