Jack Black Surprises Kids At Hospital, Then Suits Up And Sings With Music Therapists

Sure medicine and certain surgeries are of paramount importance when it comes to treating sick children.

But music, entertainment, and laughter can be just as important to their recovery process because theylift their spirits.

When it comes to what makes kids happy, everyone is a bit different some enjoy getting artistic, some like being as active as possible, and others like to do a little good in their spare time.

Making and listening to music is also an amazingly effective aid in a recovery process, which is whymusic therapy has become popular in hospitals.

Thekids at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles recently got to experience some music therapy that was a little more special than their regular sessions, mixed with a healthydose of zaniness.

Jack Black, musician and hilarious actor from films such as School of Rockand Kung Fu Panda, stopped by the spaceto spread a little joy and jam out with the music therapy specialists.

Dressed in scrubs and latex gloves, he traveled from room to room, serenading children with catchy tunes.

He also showed off his comedic antics to some of the hospital’s older patients and even clowned around with the staff.

The sweet visit definitely proved that laughter and rhythm are powerful medicines. Check out the entire clip below to see some of his cute performances.

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