Look at this cool racetrack a team of engineers built in their office

Engineers from SGS Engineering got to play for the day when they built a racetrack around their office.
Image: SGS Engineering

The responsibilities of adulthood can be stressful, which is why it’s important for grownups to play from time to time.

A team of engineers at SGS Engineering released their inner big kids when they built a track in their office. The fun project combined their twin loves of engineering and race cars.

Here’s how the day went down.

First, they drew up a carefully calculated plan.

They measured out their plan.

Image: SGS Engineering

They laid out all of their parts.

The pieces were laid out before assembly.

Image: SGS Engineering

Next came the build.

They built the track over desks.

Image: SGS Engineering

The track included an epic jump.

Image: sgs engineering

Then came the fun part running the race car around the track.

The race car wove through the office.

Image: SGS engineering

The race car made it to the finish line.

Image: sgs engineering

Check out the sweet video of the engineers at play below:

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