Mom Becomes Internet Sensation With Her Dollar Store Baby Photo Shoots

Isabel Moutran is getting fame for stunning photos of her 5-month-old daughter, Egypt. Each month she creates an elaborate photo shoot for Egypt, hoping to create a commemorative calendar for her by the end of the year.

In the future,Egypt will be able to look back ona time in her life that she won’t be able to remember.

“When I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to do something different with her,” Isabel explains in the video below. “I knew that I was going to post pictures of her. I wanted it to be very unique.”

The mom comes up with a new theme each month, then spends three to four days making the props and outfits from scratch. While the photos may look glamorous, Isabel gets all her supplies from the dollar store and takes the photos on her phone.

“She loves it,” Isabelsays. “I think she knows we are going to take a picture… we get the bed ready and do the whole layout together, and I start putting her outfit on.”

Isabel wants to encourage other parents who have the time to create fun photo sets without breaking the bank.

“They are just so simple to do, and they are not hard, and I think if parents want to do this for fun, just put a sheet down and do something creative with it,” she says.

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