Only 8% of college students don’t have Netflix

Netflix is basically a necessity.
Image: Laurent/Epa/REX/Shutterstock

The checklist for college freshmen in 2017? Textbooks, mini-fridges, and Netflix.

A new study reports that a whopping 92 percent of college students have access to Netflix. In that same survey by LendEDU, only 8 percent of college students said that they didn’t have an account. The rest have their own account (34 percent), use a friend or family member’s account (54 percent), or use a current or former significant other’s account (5 percent).

The survey, spotted by Business Insider, suggests that Netflix is basically a necessityor at least a givenfor college students. Another survey question backs that up: when they had to pick one streaming service, 84 percent of the 6,660 college students surveyed chose Netflix. HBO GO came next with 12 percent, and just 4 percent said Hulu (Amazon didn’t factor into the survey).

LendEDU surveyed college students over a full year and a halffrom October 2015 to April 2017. So maybe Hulu or HBO GO would do better now?

Either way, 18- to 22-year-olds expect to have Netflix. And if the 54 percent who rely on their family accounts ever get kicked off, Netflix could get a whole bunch of new customers.

The 8 percent who don’t have Netflix must be busy studying, or something. In a remote part of the earth. Where there is no internet.

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