Fyre Festival perfectly demonstrates the delicious schadenfreude of our modern world

April 30, 2017

… lineup of acts and, you know, the promise that it would actually happen. The promotion worked and the festival was sold out of general admission tickets. Bad press somehow wasn’t able to overcome bikini-clad models on boats. Meanwhile, Fyre organizer Ja Rule was speaking at SXSW on a panel about authenticity in advertising. You honestly can’t make this stuff up. The aftermath Fyre Festival ended like it began as a social media firestorm, though not the way its organizers intended. By …


New Snapchat data shows its bringing more eyes to all devices

April 29, 2017

… growing brands, no matter what platform they choose to be on. Snap’s Chief Strategy Officer Imran Khan discussed its future in TV-like content during advertising Week last year. His presentation included a video of NBC’s new exclusive content from The Voice and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. “Just like television,” Khan said after a clip aired. Beyond digital media partners like Mashable, Snap works many major TV networks, including NBC, ESPN, Turner, ABC, BBC, A+E …


5 ways inclusive marketing can benefit your business feat. Nigel Barker

April 22, 2017

… authentic way. 1. Use philanthropy, there is a charity for everyone Barker says: “The most important thing is to think about a cause what’s most important to you.” Baker shares his experience with working on a Nine West campaign with a social target on breast cancer. Using the technology of FitBits, they tracked every step that was taken by models. The advertising campaigned garnered more than one billion views within a month. 2. Be social, throw parties to bring people …


If Fox News will no longer tolerate sexual harassers, the rest of the country has no excuse

April 21, 2017

… his client had been subjected to a “brutal campaign of character assassination.” He also promised “irrefutable” evidence that O’Reilly was being targeted by “far-left organizations bent on destroying [him] for political and financial reasons.” The conspiracy in O’Reilly’s mind is no doubt epic. Another way to look at it is that progressive groups hounded advertisers to stop advertising on his show and circulated petitions demanding his …


Instagram killing Snapchat? Don’t count on it

April 19, 2017

… Snapchat doesn’t have problems. Snap is a publicly traded company now and as it grows it will have to deliver value to its shareholders. As the company noted in its S-1, the majority of its users are concentrated among top advertising markets, which bodes well for the company if it can offer innovative ad products and move out of advertisers’ “experimental bucket.” “To me, Snapchat has always been ahead of the curve. I fondly call it the ‘Snapchat …


Corona never paid a dime for millions of dollars of ‘Fast and Furious’ product placement

April 15, 2017

Image: Scott Olson/Getty Images Vin Diesel’s constant plugging of Corona throughout the Fast and Furious movies can make certain installments feel like extended beer commercials. But the company has apparently never paid a dime for the prolific product placement. SEE ALSO: Yup, there’s going to be a ‘Fast & Furious’ global arena tour That’s according to a new feature story in The Ringer that examines the franchise’s longstanding relationship with the …


Snapchat is helping advertisers by sharing where you snap

April 14, 2017

… ad tech like this,” Brandon Rhoten, Wendys head of advertising, digital/social and media, said in a statement. Snap is releasing a dashboard for advertisers that shows the number of Snapchat users who saw the ad campaign and the number of Snapchat users who visited the desired location. Snap also breaks down the data by gender, age, state and what product they used (lens or geofilter). Image: snap inc. In the future, Snap plans to bucket these users into more categories for …


Foul-mouthed chatbot wants to help women close the pay gap

April 6, 2017

… Cindy Gallop, the British advertising consultant and entrepreneur who swears like a sailor and is a pro at dishing out career advice, especially for women. Behold the chatbot’s introduction: “Let me start by saying that talking about your salary may feel awkward. Jam those feelings down the nearest garbage disposal. You ready to get the money you deserve?” A preview of the equal pay chatbot that mimics advertising consultant Cindy Gallop. Image: ask cindy gallop It’s …


Facebook’s new News Feed: Your go-to destination for spam, probably

April 5, 2017

"We heard you like news, so we put a feed near your feed so you can read while you read."Image: LUKE LEONARD/Mashable There’s nothing quite like a clean slate especially one that’s pre-populated with a generous helping of algorithmically generated spam. Perhaps realizing that the News Feed has over the years morphed into a cluttered mess, Facebook has started testing an entirely new feed with a subset of its users. After all, why have one feed when you can have two? Double …


The data firm that helped Trump win doesn’t think his White House looks so fun

April 4, 2017

Not "the most fun place to be right now."Image: POOL/EPA/REX/Shutterstock Even the man who helped head Donald Trump’s data operations during the 2016 election doesn’t think the White House is the place to be these days. Speaking at an advertising event in Sydney on Monday, Cambridge Analytica’s head of product, Matt Oczkowski, was responding to an audience question about the company’s ethics when he commented, “The White House doesn’t look like the …


It’s April Fools’ Day, not week, and this madness needs to stop

April 1, 2017

Sorry T-Mobile, your Onesie would be funnier on April Fools' day.Image: T-Mobile/YouTube There’s only one way to do an April Fools’ prank properly: Do it on April 1. It’s not funny on other days. Brands love April Fools’ day. It gives them some brand-focused exposure and paints even the most corporate-y corporation as a laid back place that’s all about fun. However, this year April 1 falls on a Saturday. And that’s just not good enough for some companies, …


Sexism is the new clickbait. It’s time to find another route to internet fame.

April 1, 2017

… they work with. “We have always tried to get our message across with a gentle sense of humour and up until now, our work has been extremely well-received,” said Brown. He said the campaign was intended to “prompt conversation”. “There is no need to advertise in a sexist manner and it is bad and indeed lazy advertising that does [use sexism],” says Professor Isabelle Szmigin at the University of Birmingham. She says the “tongue-in-cheek response” …


Snapchat turns to sponsored geofilters as it pushes to compete with Facebook, Instagram

March 28, 2017

Image: Barry’s Bootcamp Snapchat needs to make more money, sure. But even more than that, the now-public company needs to attract more advertisers even to its lower cost ad options in hopes of turning them into big spenders and cementing the app as a must-buy digital ad platform. To do so, Snapchat is turning to one of its oldest tools: Geofilters. The app, once primarily heralded for its sexting capabilities, is in a need of cash and attention amid its growth period less than a month …