Women in science share a message: Don’t give up

April 23, 2017

Washington (CNN)From across the fields of science they came, marching to show that women in science have a lot to say. Biologists and ecologists, medical researchers and EMTs, doctors and nurses, biomedical engineers and neuroscientists came with stories of why they fell in love with science. They ranged from little girls to seasoned science veterans, all carrying a message of what they’d like to tell other women. …


The Queen is 91 and to mark it the Royal Family are tweeting lovely old photos

April 22, 2017

… One of the photos the Royal Family have shared shows the Queen at the tender age of one month old at her christening, with her parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother). Now the oldest reigning monarch, she dedicated her life to service on her 21st birthday. More > https://t.co/mcVCkOE7UY #QueensBirthday pic.twitter.com/chSdUWfARJ The Royal Family (@RoyalFamily) April 21, 2017 @ClarenceHouse the official Twitter account for Prince Charles and the Duchess of …


A Look Back At 6 Seasons Of Perfect ‘Girls’ Quotes

April 17, 2017

… no to sh*t you hate. Hannah ** I have a job to do now. Im trying to focus. Im not here to fill up your life with f**king stories for your f**king Twitter. Adam Ill have a bunch of party pictures that I can post to Instagram. Because I know he checks it … He f**king checks it. Marnie ** Theyre both white? Marnie By the way, TMI is such an outdated concept. Theres no such thing as too much information, this is the information age! Hannah ** Your voice is great. …


Online dating can be even more challenging if you’re a farmer

April 15, 2017

Image: vicky leta / mashable  Swiping on dating apps is a breeze if you live in a town or city. But, when you’re a young farmer living in a rural community, it’s a whole other story. One where dates get cancelled when animals go into labour, and where some people show up to their dates brandishing shotguns. For farmers, online dating is an experience. And not always a good one. SEE ALSO: Irish farmer’s glorious accent is so strong even Irish people can’t …


Pupils as young as four having panic attacks, say teachers – BBC News

April 14, 2017

… had experienced a pupil of any age suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, while 79% were aware of a pupil suffering from depression and 64% knew of a youngster who was self-harming. Around half (49%) were aware of children with eating disorders, and a similar proportion (47%) knew about a youngster with obsessive compulsive disorder. Pressure of exams and testing, family problems such as ill health or a break-up and social media were all seen as having an impact on mental health. And when …


Snapchat is helping advertisers by sharing where you snap

April 14, 2017

… ad tech like this,” Brandon Rhoten, Wendys head of advertising, digital/social and media, said in a statement. Snap is releasing a dashboard for advertisers that shows the number of Snapchat users who saw the ad campaign and the number of Snapchat users who visited the desired location. Snap also breaks down the data by gender, age, state and what product they used (lens or geofilter). Image: snap inc. In the future, Snap plans to bucket these users into more categories for …


Japanese octogenarian is spinning impressive beats at a Tokyo nightclub

April 13, 2017

… shows on his face if it is delicious; and if a DJ is good, everyone will dance happily.” Despite her age, she’s still stealing the hearts of Japan’s club-goers. “She’s got this energy that goes beyond age, and that can equal any young person’s here,” 25-year-old clubber Fuminari Fujii told Reuters. WATCH: This epic mechanized LED cube is actually a giant DJ booth More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsKonversio (Monthly) Pokemongo – …


China is dominating the world in esports earnings

April 11, 2017

… Image: the champions of esports A lot of these players are pretty young, too. The winners of the 2016 Dota 2 International Wings Gaming have three players under the age of 21. According to “The Champions of Esports,” that’s not uncommon. Image: the champions of esports If you really want to make big money competing in esports, though, you’ll want to stick it out a little bit longer than that, given that 25 is the age where players tend to make the most money. …


There’s no need for April Fools’ Day because we’re living in a fake news nightmare

April 2, 2017

Image: ambar del moral / mashable I remember the halcyon days when April Fools’ Day was a bit of harmless fun. We’d read fake stories from the newspaper over our cornflakes and have a good chuckle. Fake news was just something that happened once a year. But, those days are gone. We are now living in the age of fake news; where mistruths are presented as truths, and believed at face value. Fake news is no longer a once-yearly event, it’s a 365-day-a-year news cycle. And, …


Greek Thomson: Scotland’s other great visionary architect – BBC News

April 1, 2017

Image caption The Caledonia Road Church in the Gorbals was threatened with demolition in 1966 When Glasgow council was planning to demolish one of Thomson’s landmark churches in 1966, influential American architectural historian Henry-Russell Hitchcock made a plea for them to stop. He said: “Glasgow in the last 150 years has had two of the greatest architects in the world.” Image caption The church was described as one of the finest Classical Romantic churches in …


Snapchat turns to sponsored geofilters as it pushes to compete with Facebook, Instagram

March 28, 2017

… each week. With the “geofilter, we’re giving people the chance to have fun, at our expense,” saidJoey Gonzalez, CEO of Barry’s Bootcamp. “Snapchat for a long time was being put forth on this teen / tween age group of which we didnt have a huge purpose or following with, but that obviously started to change.” What’s the benefit of the year-long commitment? Brands get access to a tool to choose between different, unlimited creatives as well as set their …


‘The Hate U Give’ tackles race, police brutality and the nuances of being young and black in America

March 28, 2017

… often one-sided or flat. These dynamic characterswho are similar in age to Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and Michael Brownmanage to turn a painful lesson into a fight that rings true to black kids defending their rights today. In The Hate U Give, Thomas shows us that the black experience contains multitudes and her success (the book is being turned into a film starring Hunger Games‘ Amandla Stenberg) is paving the way for even more novels that will delve into race and police brutality. Which …


Swear and still sound educated by understanding the origin of those curse words

March 27, 2017

Image: ambar del moral/mashable As a society, we like to swear. Swear words have a strange power over us. It starts when we are young, when they are deliciously taboo. Then, as we age, our dependence on swear words increases to the point where as an adult, we find that the magnitude of our emotions can only be captured by cursing. Yes, many of us have grown attached to swear words, but only a fraction of us actually know where they came from. What old dead languages do we have to thank for …


Shanghai: Insider Travel Guide

March 24, 2017

(CNN)Welcome to the future. This is the best of Shanghai, home to more than 20 million residents, 6,000 high-rises (and growing) and a constant chorus of jackhammers. It’s a city striving to set all the benchmarks for the modern world. …


In coach’s rant, a lesson for parents and athletes

March 23, 2017

… today’s kids are so influenced by professional athletes who they see as “just being really cool” — athletes they then try to imitate when they play. See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on Facebook and Twitter. “I thought his comments were amazing. I think it’s a great thing to teach your kids at an early age that attitude is everything and a good, willing-to-work, positive attitude means everything,” said Robin, who is …


When To Start Potty Training Boys And Girls

March 20, 2017

… behavioral traits at different ages that can be used to determine when to start potty-training boys. ages 2 To 3 Potty-training boys age 2 to 3 has one big advantage: the child can comfortably sit down until hes mastered the basics. Because toddlers are still not peeing standing up, this is a suitable age to potty-train boys without any accidents. At this time, toddlers love imitating grownups, so a little encouragement and a loving, positive environment can work wonders. ages 3 To 4 You can …


Musicians remember Chuck Berry’s genius

March 19, 2017

(CNN)Many of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest guitarists list Chuck Berry as one of their influences. As do many other musicians. John Lennon said: “If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it ‘Chuck Berry.’” Here are some of the reactions that some of the best musicians had when they heard Berry had died Saturday at the age of 90. …


Frances reveals Paul McCartney’s songwriting tips – BBC News

March 18, 2017

… plays the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury 2016 Hello Frances… Or should I call you Sophie? I’m Sophie to my family and friends – but I once thought, “If I’m going to be an artist, my name’s got to look good on a piece of paper”. Sophie is very curly, it looks very young, whereas Frances is a lot more angular. So it just kind of stuck. But then up until the age of 16, everyone called me Cookie. So anything goes. It’s been three years since …


8 Health Benefits Of Having An Orgasm Every Woman Should Know

March 17, 2017

… huge difference in boosting your overall reproductive health. All that increased blood flow and muscular contraction does wonders for your vagina and uterus. An orgasm can improve your ability to lubricate, keep your tissue healthy, and keep your downstairs muscles flexible and strong. Benefit #7: Orgasms age Well Laura Caseley for LittleThings A good old-fashioned orgasm may actually be the Fountain of Youth. A neuropsychologist named David Weeks believes that regular orgasms can …


Exercise levels decline ‘long before adolescence’ – BBC News

March 14, 2017

From the age of seven onwards, the amount of exercise done by boys and girls may be declining in the UK Sitting is replacing physical activity from the time they start school, research suggests This goes against the accepted view that exercise tails off in adolescence – and more quickly in girls than boys Children aged five to 18 are recommended to do at least one hour of exercise every day Adolescence is thought to be the time when children go off exercise – but a study in The …