Why subscription services aren’t dead yet

March 25, 2017

Mary Biggins, right, with her MealPal co-founder Katie Ghelli.Image: mealpal Before she co-founded ClassPass, Mary Biggins sold subscriptions for leather-bound books. “I love the subscription space,” Biggins said in an interview on Mashable‘s Biz Please podcast. “From really early in my career, I’ve been thinking about subscription unit economics and how you acquire customers. The thing that’s really cool about subscriptions is there are so many different …


8 Steps You Must Take Immediately If You Suspect There Are Bedbugs In Your Home

March 19, 2017

… immediately treat clothes and baggage to get rid of possible hitchhikers. You should also avoid secondhand furniture and books, which can carry bedbugs. #3: Bag Your Stuff Laura Caseley for LittleThings Anything that is dryer-safe should be thrown in and heated on “high.” Bedbugs can’t withstand temperatures over 115 F, so heating clothes, fabric shoes, and bedding on the hottest temperature should do the trick. You can also buy or rent something called a …


The Turkey-Netherlands Spat Is A Reminder Of A New Specter Haunting Europe

March 18, 2017

… the importance of Enlightenment. Oh, the Enlightenment, that sacred word! The idea that destroying Islam from the face of the earth was a necessary condition of our liberation was almost laughable. Gradually, I was realizing how coming from a Muslim country was equal in this land to having the potential to become a barbarian. Kaya at a cafe in Amsterdam in 2004. Politics is theater, and whilst talking about books in Britain, I had almost missed the biggest play on offer, I realized as …


Best selling book on Amazon has 266 blank pages

March 12, 2017

… Amazon’s Look Inside feature to get a sneak peek of all of Trump’s stellar qualities: Touch. Both sell for under $10 on Amazon, so think of them as pretty well-priced notebooks with an acerbic sense of humor. Good to note the whole blank-page gimmick is nothing new. This author has built a career on “writing” books with empty pages, such as his 2011 best-seller, What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex. WATCH: Someone invented a machine that can customize and write …