Say hello to your favorite 2032 Olympic swimmer, Boomer Phelps

May 27, 2017

… Image: huggies Future Olympian, Boomer, getting a great deal of support from his family. Image: huggies The campaign will reportedly feature FUNNY videos starring Michael and Boomer. And if we’re lucky they’ll all be as entertaining as this video of him on a float: A post shared by boomer phelps (@boomerrphelps) on Sep 2, 2016 at 12:38pm PDT Though his dad has made history in the water, Boomer and his patriotic Olympic fashion already stole the spotlight from the …


Ipoh: A cultural and culinary guide to Malaysia’s rising tourism star

May 22, 2017

(CNN)Sometime after the tin slump of the 1980s, Ipoh earned a reputation for being a retirement destination, or just a pit stop on the way to Penang. “Before, there wasn’t one place where people gathered,” says Julie Song of Burps & Giggles, a cafe that’s contributed to the city’s new face. “Now, everyone who comes makes Old Town their first stop.” …


Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s Dad Mike Huckabee Blasts SNL Parody

May 17, 2017

… Republican presidential candidate, said being in the public eye for over thirty years, made his daughter less vulnerable.  She is a great wife an absolutely wonderful mother to three beautiful preschool children and shes a generous and thoughtful person who is very charitable in her life, good to her friends and ultimately, heres what we taught her, that shes going to be judged by God, not by some not so FUNNY comedy writers on Saturday Night Live. More from FOX Business Fmr. …


‘The Big Bang Theory’ recap: Sheldon and Amy face a new challenge

May 5, 2017

… Still, she cant help but notice hes acting FUNNY – even for him. Penny and Bernadette side with Amy, arguing that if the roles were reversed, Sheldon would be on the first train to New Jersey. Second if theres teens on the first, Penny notes. While Amy gets her pep talk, Leonard and Raj find Sheldon playing sad harmonica in the vacant third-floor apartment. Leonard takes a moment to remind his friend that his oddities often make him an unsupportive boyfriend, the subtext being that he …


Line of Duty: series creator Jed Mercurio interrogated – BBC News

April 30, 2017

… team have been trying to crack who balaclava man is – it’s quite FUNNY. What would you like to explore in the next series? I want to look at the personal lives of all the regulars in series five – they’ve taken a backseat in this series to Roz Huntley, so it would be good to explore that side of things a bit more. The regulars are definitely up for doing more… that’s if they survive the final episode! What’s more important, ratings or awards? I always …


Foul-mouthed chatbot wants to help women close the pay gap

April 6, 2017

… a personal and intimate conversation while also translating Gallop’s “unapologetic” approach. Image: ASk cindy gallop “The tone might be FUNNY in the way its delivered but the information is really important,” says Toni Thompson, head of talent and human resources at The Muse. “It gives people the confidence they need.” Thompson knows that the bot isn’t capable of tackling the larger forces that can lead to pay inequality, such as bias and …


There’s no need for April Fools’ Day because we’re living in a fake news nightmare

April 2, 2017

… Fools’ Day disclaimer. Krispy Kreme’s not-so-FUNNY April Fools’ prank. Image: krispy kreme On Thursday, several major news outlets in the UK fell foul to a prank by Krispy Kreme. The doughnut brand claimed it would be changing its name to “Krispy Cream” because Brits didn’t know how to pronounce the word “Kreme”. “Krispy Kreme UK is getting a more ‘English-friendly’ name so people stop mispronouncing it,” declared a …


It’s April Fools’ Day, not week, and this madness needs to stop

April 1, 2017

Sorry T-Mobile, your Onesie would be funnier on April Fools' day.Image: T-Mobile/YouTube There’s only one way to do an April Fools’ prank properly: Do it on April 1. It’s not FUNNY on other days. Brands love April Fools’ day. It gives them some brand-focused exposure and paints even the most corporate-y corporation as a laid back place that’s all about fun. However, this year April 1 falls on a Saturday. And that’s just not good enough for some companies, …


Healthy eating plan

March 31, 2017

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Social media has turned me into a sexual oversharer

March 25, 2017

… CHRISTOPHER MINESES / MASHABLE I am constantly assessing what I should and shouldn’t share on social media. Whether it’s a FUNNY comment my mum made in the privacy of her own home, or a hilarious Tinder message I’ve received. The question I ask myself now is always: should I share that? And, if so, where? But, by sharing personal information with hundreds of people I don’t know or scarcely know I’ve set a dangerous precedent for turning my private life into …


She Does A Funny Pregnancy Dance On Camera, Then Her Sneaky Mother Posts It On Facebook

March 17, 2017

Lindsey Van Hook of Muskegon, Michigan, is expecting her first child on April 12, 2017. During the wait, her sister had a bright idea: a pregnancy dance they could perform together to the song “Baby Momma Dance.” The duo are clearly having a good time as they dance and lip sync to the FUNNY song. “My little sister was like, ‘Let’s try to make it FUNNY,’” Lindsey said. “I think I got my workout for the whole week in that one video.” However, …


British teens are making mundane events go viral on Facebook

March 12, 2017

Seen any strange events popping up in your Facebook News Feed lately? Maybe something very mundane, like a niche event at a school you’ve never heard of? Or perhaps something a bit more unusual, like worm-charming or mushroom-growing classes? SEE ALSO: This British man’s email exchange with a scammer escalated hilariously Well it’s not advertising, and it’s not an accident. It’s actually part of what seems to be the latest Facebook trend among British teens: …


31 April Fools Day Jokes For Teachers To Play At School

March 11, 2017

… list of very simple, easy-to-understand April Fools Day pranks for kids in preschool. 1. Speak Silently Flickr / Emma Craig Bring your classroom to life and watch your littles giggle by affixing googly eyes to everything you can think of. Doorknobs, fruit, and trash cans make particularly FUNNY choices. 3. Peas And Carrots Flickr / Quinn Dombrowski Serve Jell-O in clear plastic cups with straws inserted so they look like juice. Watch the hilarity ensue as the kids …