Don’t look back in anger: Music helps Manchester remember, and forget – BBC News

May 28, 2017

… watching everything else.” CCTV shows bomber before arena blast Hate crimes ‘double’ after arena attack Defiant attack poem to become book Others undoubtedly stayed away, but it was hard to tell how many. There was a huge crowd, though, and those that did attend were determined to enjoy it and let off steam as well as showing solidarity and respect. The best gigs are the ones where you lose yourself in the music and retreat from reality for a couple of hours. Despite the …


Irans Islamic Evolution

May 26, 2017

… contributed to a youth-unemployment rate that averaged 26 percent last year, voted for the first time on May 19. The owner of a music store in central Tehran that sells tars, setars, and other traditional Persian instruments says he feared that a Raisi win would bring back the bans on broadcasts of Western music and limits on live concerts that Ahmadinejad instituted during his eight-year rule. Conservatives Hate music, Iman says, “because if music becomes more popular, no one will listen …


Stop Using Free Speech As An Excuse To Be Awful

May 23, 2017

… speech as Pence and his supporters. Safe spaces do not suppress anything they level the playing field in a landscape where so many of those who bemoan political correctness do so at the expense of already marginalized communities. There is no legal definition of Hate speech that will withstand constitutional scrutiny, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education president Will Greeley told Think Progress in January 2016. The Supreme Court has been clear on this for decades. And that is …


Trump’s doublespeak in Saudi Arabia

May 22, 2017

… of the hundreds of thousands of Muslim Syrians killed were of no value. And in all of his speeches warning about terrorism committed by Muslims, he has never acknowledged the rise in Hate crimes, mosque vandalizations and bullying suffered by Muslims in the United States. For Trump, there is a major difference between Muslims and everyone else. …


African American Family’s Home Burned In Suspected Hate Crime

May 17, 2017

… as a Hate crime. The Rensselaer County Sheriffs Office and New York State Police are assisting Schodack police investigating the cause of the blaze. The Times Union reported the garage was not hooked up to electricity. This family has lived in this neighborhood for years, Belardo said. Everyone gets along with one another and theyre all friends, Salzer said. So thats another reason why this is so very disturbing. Schodack Police Department Belardo said Hate crimes are uncommon in …


Tom Brady will grace the cover of ‘Madden NFL 18’ and he DGAF about the curse

May 13, 2017

Tom Brady’s 2017/2018 season is doomed, and New England Patriots have EA Sports to thank for that. The infuriatingly talented quarterback full disclosure: I am a Giants fan, and therefore Hate the Pats has been chosen as the featured athlete on the cover of Madden NFL 2018. Remarkably, this is Brady’s first Madden cover, despite the fact that he’s the proud owner of five Super Bowl rings. SEE ALSO: Scared, lonely and confused: What concussions inflict upon NFL legends Some …


The #Resistance is now a lifestyle brand and please, don’t buy it

May 7, 2017

… Surely, some of those decent humans have uttered the phrase “protest is the new brunch” without shame and we can still love them (Hate the sin, love the sinner?) Unfortunately, that level of political engagement only appears to come in spurts. Take a look at what happened in Los Angeles this winter. Over 750,000 people showed up to the city Women’s March in January, many of them with stunning protest art made to live on Etsy. But less than 12 percent of all eligible voters came …


Instagram killing Snapchat? Don’t count on it

April 19, 2017

… ALSO: If you Hate Messenger, you’re really not gonna like Facebook’s latest update But to compare Instagram Stories 200M DAUs with Snapchat’s total 161M daily active users is to equate apples with oranges. And despite the fact that Instagram has made an effort to copy nearly all of Snapchat’s signature features, treating the two apps as similar platforms to begin with is a fruitless exercise. First, its worth noting that Instagram Stories is not its own app. It’s a …


A Look Back At 6 Seasons Of Perfect ‘Girls’ Quotes

April 17, 2017

I dont want to freak you out, but I think I may be the voice of my generation. Or at least a voice. Of a generation. Hannah I dont even want a boyfriend. I just want someone who wants to hang out all the time, and thinks Im the best person in the world, and wants to have sex with only me. Hannah **Im so happy to see you I could murder you. Shoshanna No one could ever Hate me as much as I Hate myself, okay? So any mean thing someones gonna think of to say about me, Ive already said …


Jenna Dewan Tatum talks about her sex life with Channing Tatum

April 15, 2017

… all women should keep it exciting for themselves. People always ask, Do you do anything to keep it fresh for your man? I Hate that question. I’m like, No. Why is it for your man? I do things to keep it fresh for myself. The lingerie I buy is not for him necessarily. It’s for us and for myself. If you feel sexy, then it’s good for you.” She said to keep their relationship healthy, they work on communicating. You change when you’re together from 25 to 35, she …


Twitter kills the egg avatar, replaces it with something worse and doesn’t it have more important things to do?

April 2, 2017

Boom: egg drop.Image: mashable composite Twitter is finally making some changes just not the ones we asked for. On Friday following the unveiling of its messy new replies feature rather than making strides against the noted Hate speech problem on Twitter, the social media platform revealed it would changing its iconic troll default egg avatar to some weird AF other thing. Great. SEE ALSO: Twitter just killed the default ‘egg’ profile photo The little egg avatar, a classic sign of …


In defense of Snapchat, a manifesto

April 1, 2017

… obvious what my favorite social networks are, and how I spend my time using them. SEE ALSO: Here’s why all the sudden the banks love Snapchat but still Hate Twitter Here’s a good snapshot: Which brings us to Facebook, down there, towards the bottom of my usage. They just unleashed their latest attempt to squash Snapchat on Tuesday with Facebook Storiesthe experience of Snapchat Stories, now available on your Facebook News Feed, something nearly 2 billion people could have …


‘The Hate U Give’ tackles race, police brutality and the nuances of being young and black in America

March 28, 2017

Image: LILI SAMS/MASHABLE To read The Hate U Give as a young black person is to stand in front of a mirror. The No. 1 New York Times best-selling young adult novel thats been swept up under the category of Black Lives Matter books is a true reflection of the life of a young person of color in Americaand thank goodness, because there really hasnt been a mirror like this for people to pore over, well, ever. Angie Thomas debut novel (the title is drawn from a Tupac Shakur reference) brings us …