‘Sesame Street’ is expanding the neighborhood with new theme park

May 19, 2017

… Street‘s work in Afghanistan on empowering young girls, its partnership with the IRC to educate refugee children, and work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to promote health and hygiene in india as examples of programs in part funded by ventures like Sesame Place. Grover rides a rollercoaster at the original Sesame Place. Image: sesame workshop All of the things that we do that generate income in these different areas help support all of that work all over the …


‘Vogue India’ put Kendall Jenner on anniversary cover and people couldn’t stop talking about it

May 6, 2017

So, Kendall Jenner appears on the May issue of Vogue india to celebratethe magazine’s 10th anniversary, and people can’t handle it. Twitter reaction swung between displeased and amused as the images of Jenner, shot by celebrity fashion photographer Mario Testino, started surfacing online. SEE ALSO: Print Is Dead? ‘Vogue’ Has Its Second Biggest Sept Ever Some have touted Jenner’s presence on the cover as “cultural hegemony” and are dissing Vogue …


We still don’t know what Apple is going to do with all its money

May 4, 2017

… could affect what decisions Apple makes in the future. “It’s difficult for us to speculate what might or might not happen,” said Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer. For now, our only hints from the call with investors with what Apple will be investing in is new, lucrative markets. Apple has prioritized india, one of the world’s largest smartphone markets. WATCH: Trump thought being president would be easier than being a reality star businessman More …


Four-year-old Amazon India is killing it, says CEO Jeff Bezos

April 29, 2017

Image: Getty Images Amazons $5 billion bet on india is working. At the companys first quarter earnings call for this year, CEO Jeff Bezos said the india arm of the ecommerce giant was already the fastest growing marketplace in the country. SEE ALSO: After bagging Shah Rukh Khan, Netflix nears deal with Aamir Khan “Our india team is moving fast and delivering for customers and sellers,” he said, highlighting the surge in Primes catalogue, which he claims has grown by 75 percent in …


This country’s most expensive film of all time costs $150 million

April 20, 2017

Image: Getty Images That india is the world’s most prolific film-producing nation is well-known. It makes over 2,000 films in more than 10 languages every year a feat unmatched elsewhere in the world. And grand dreams require grand budgets. One such is The Mahabharata, a multi-lingual retelling of the Sanskrit epic, that will be the costliest indian movie ever made. SEE ALSO: ‘Dangal’ becomes the highest-grossing Bollywood film of all time UAE-based billionaire B.R. Shetty …


These rising architectural stars could change India’s skylines forever

April 17, 2017

(CNN)“india is the place to be,” said Amit Gupta, architect and co-founder of indian design firm Studio Symbiosis. And for the rising indian architectural star, this certainly seems to be true. Though the design firm — founded by Gupta and his wife, Britta Knobel Gupta — is only seven years old, it is already looking to shape cities and skylines throughout the South Asian nation. Replay More …


Nina Simone and me: An artist and activist revisited

April 17, 2017

(CNN)I was surfing online when I stumbled upon a mural in Baltimore painted by artist Ernest Shaw. It’s a three-headed portrait of civil rights icons: James Baldwin, Malcolm X and, of course, Nina Simone. Even within the boundaries of my computer screen, the painting on the side of a building at 401 Lafayette Street was powerful. Curious that the artist had chosen Simone as part of the trifecta, I dialed Shaw, a 41-year-old teacher at the Maryland Academy of Technology & Health …


Indians promise to #UninstallSnapchat after an alleged terrible comment from Snap’s CEO

April 16, 2017

#UninstallSnapchatImage: carl court/Getty Images The latest app to delete? Snapchat. Snapchat users in india have been deleting the app since learning about a comment allegedly made by Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel in 2015. This app is only for rich people, Spiegel allegedly said at the time, during discussions about Snapchat’s overseas growth. I dont want to expand into poor countries like india and Spain. The comments came to light after former employee Anthony Pompliano filed a lawsuit in …


Why are India’s superstars descending on Hong Kong this weekend?

April 14, 2017

(CNN)Hong Kong is used to hosting a variety of events, international and regional. But this weekend, the island city will witness something unique. Bollywood megastar Salman Khan will lead a galaxy of indian stars to Hong Kong, to perform at the largest indian concert to ever take place there. The Hong Kong concert, which will also feature performers like Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu and South indian dance legend Prabhudeva, is part of the “Da-Bangg” world tour that will also …


Google remembers a pioneer of Indian art with doodle inspired by his works

April 12, 2017

… Pays Homage to Marie Curie Roy was among india’s leading modernists in the 20th century and a globally renowned figure too. Originally trained in the British academic style of painting, his earlier works had shades of European impressionism and portraiture. Now this should make everyone proud when @Googleindia creates a Doodle for one of india’s greatest painters’, Jamini Roy pic.twitter.com/Ses3tEpowO Indranil Roy (@indraroy) April 11, 2017 Good to see @Google …


9 of the greatest rivalries from breakfast to best Australian city

April 10, 2017

… “Roll Tide” and some less printable things. Palaces, castles, chateaus: 12 regal stays Geopolitical-athletic rivalry india vs. Pakistan More than a fifth of the world’s population (1.5 billion viewers) tuned in for the 2011 World Cup Semifinal cricket match between india and Pakistan. According to TV ratings firm, Initiative, a regular match (no such thing) between these two not-exactly-friendly neighbors attracts about 300 million viewers. india and Pakistan’s …


Indian bride’s dance performance at her wedding goes massively viral

April 1, 2017

We know indian weddings are a lavish affair. But this is intense. Really. A 17-minute-long dance act by an indian bride has gone viral. Though the video is two months old, netizens woke up to it yesterday and have viewed it 7 million times already. SEE ALSO: Bhangra takes on hip hop for a truly viral NBA half-time dance The bride is seen performing to a medley of popular Bollywood songs at her sangeet (a pre-nuptial ceremony) first with her besties and then with her big family, all the …


Why malign him? People ask of India’s ‘anti-Romeo squads’

March 30, 2017

Police run an anti-Romeo operation at a mall in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, india.Image: Getty Images What’s in a name? Shakespeare said. But there could well be something in it after all. india’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, has set up “anti-Romeo squads,” which they say will ensure women’s safety on streets. However, many cry foul and see this as moral policing. More importantly, they are upset that their beloved Shakespearean hero is being maligned for no …