Facebook is letting you apply for jobs on Facebook

February 16, 2017

… pitch deck to Mashable. The user then simply taps a few buttons to apply. Cat videos are fun. Jobs … quite serious. And it’s a serious endeavor for Facebook, which has come a long way from organizing college parties to helping small business owners navigate the internet. It makes sense that Facebook would get into the market. There are 65 million Facebook Pages, and all of them within the U.S. and Canada will now be able to post about open positions on Facebook. Serious employers …


Self-employment ‘reduces tax take’ as firms avoid responsibilities – BBC News

February 14, 2017

… leading on only makes sense if we as a country are committed to the idea of all work being fair and decent and [that] provides people with the opportunity for fulfilment and development. “We have been great as a country at creating jobs, but not enough of those jobs are good jobs that provide people with opportunities to grow and to develop. “I am hoping that the review will mark a turning point, a point at which as a country we say it is not just the quantity of jobs that matters it …


13 Incredible Photos Of Vintage Bookmobiles To Remind Us Of A Simpler Time

February 9, 2017

… each page in a real book. And back in the day, books were one of the few affordable entertainment options for kids and adults alike.It makes sense why they would get so excited seeing their local bookmobile roll down the block with a fresh new batch of stories especially if they lived far out in the country without easy access to the more traditional library buildings. Do you remember lining up for a vintage bookmobile like any of the ones below? Does the bookmobile still stop by in your town? …


CNN 10 – February 8, 2017

February 8, 2017

… Oculus VR unit says, quote, “I don’t think that good virtual reality is fully there yet. It’s gong to take 5 or 10 more years of development.” Framestore is more than aware of the challenges. But it says VR’s unique ability to transport users will ultimately win over the public. JON COLLINS, PRESIDENT OF INTEGRATED ADVERTISING, FRAMEST: For the first time, in a sense, you are the camera. You can create empathy in your understanding of what it’s like to be …


Little Boy Gets Hit By Car, Then Confesses To His Sister He Survived Because Hes Spider-Man

February 2, 2017

… by a radioactive spider and became a web slinger that saves New York? That’s him! It makes sense, have you ever heard of anyone else surviving something like this quite so well? Only Spider-Man could! Styles sister, Cecily, shared her brother’s confession with her followers on Twitter and the post quickly went viral. In fact, so much so, Styles got attention from a Spider-Man creator and the company that represents the hero! [H/T: BuzzFeed] Twitter / Cecily …


The future of Snapchat Discover looks a lot like TV

January 29, 2017

… currently a Discover partner. “If producing a Snapchat show returns more than its cost, and you reach global millennials than it could make some sense, but it’s not easy.” Few on the street recognized Peter Hamby, Snap’s head of news and host of Good Luck America, when he was a political reporter at CNN. Now, he’s the “Snapchat guy.” Exclusivity, Snapchat says, means quality. Discovering Discover Snapchat looked at how media used other social platforms …


Your latest big name keynote for SXSW 2017 is … James Comey?

January 27, 2017

James Comey is hitting the festival circuit Image: AP Photo/Cliff Owen If you’ve had the year FBI Director James Comey has had, it totally makes sense that you might want to go spend some time in the Texas sun, rubbing elbows with celebrity hipsters and frequenting food trucks. So Comey is taking his talents to the 2017 incarnation of the SXSW festival in March. SEE ALSO: The FBI wants you to know hacking is bad, fellow kids The SXSW conference appearance will likely be less …


14 Vintage Television Sets That Will Totally Take You Back

January 26, 2017

… its own! 7. 1950s Portable TV Wikimedia Commons The ’70s really embraced this bright color, using it for furniture, carpets, and curtains, so it makes sense that it found its way to TVsets. 9. Mid-Century Turquoise TV eBay / vintageaudiophilia Clearly, folks wanted to carry around their visual entertainment with themfrom the very beginning of the industry. 11. 1960s Quasar TV eBay / onlaketime2015 This bulky design was found in tons of family …


10 Lifesaving Items You Should Never, Ever Remove From Your Car

January 18, 2017

Traveling by car is fun. There’s the sense of adventure, the wind in your hair, and the endless possibility of the open road. But nothing puts a damper on your travel plans quite like an unexpected delay. Even worse? A delay where youcan’tget moving again because of an accident, weather conditions, or mechanical problems. Luckily, there are ways you can prepare for any misfortune that might befall your car out on theroad, and it’s actually super easy to prepare for any issue …


Tech companies are slowly starting to support a new equal pay law in New York City

January 17, 2017

… Kickstarter decided to support the bill and ban the practice from its own hiring process after the public advocate’s office contacted the company. The crowd-funding platform, which has just over 100 employees in its New York headquarters, became a public benefit corporation last year. That decision, which turned Kickstarter Inc. into Kickstarter PBC, made social good a legal obligation for the company in all its decisions. “We heard about this bill and it made sense to us to fight …


The Nintendo Switch marks the death of game discs

January 15, 2017

… SEE ALSO: Everything we now know about the Nintendo Switch Discs are bad for mobile Discs have been the standard physical medium for console games for more than a decade, but discs just don’t make sense for the Switch. Including a disc drive on the hybrid home/mobile console would completely kill its mobile capabilities. At their smallest-possible size, disc drives take up a lot of space and would force Nintendo to make the Switch’s standalone mobile screen much bulkier not a …


Lord Snowden, ex-husband of Princess Margaret, dies at 86

January 14, 2017

… Oliver Messel brought Noel Coward and Marlene Dietrich to the hospital to sing to him after he was stricken with polio. Snowdon was educated at Eton and studied architecture at Cambridge University, where he failed his final exams. He did an apprenticeship with Baron, the leading society photographer of the day, then set himself up as a theatrical photographer. By the late 1950s he was doing a considerable amount of work for fashion magazines. He had a sense of humor and engaging manner that put …


VR social networks are here, and they feel like the future

January 13, 2017

… raised with fully immersive headsets, and the VR universe is something entirely new. It’s scary meeting someone in VR for the first time. There’s no user name to hide behind. And even though your avatar isn’t really your own body, there’s a distinct sense that you’re exposed. Nevertheless, it’s scary meeting someone in VR for the first time. There’s no user name to hide behind. And even though your avatar isn’t really your own body, there’s …


Obama is right. It’s time to burst our social media bubbles

January 12, 2017

… while, there was a collective sense that borders would fall, differences would fade, political parties would migrate to the middle, and wed be one people, one world. Americans cant know each other purely through the lens of social media. There was that moment, in his speech, when Obama astutely recognized whats increasingly missing from society: Those personal, face-to-face, sometimes mind-changing human interactions: If you’re tired of arguing with strangers on the internet, try talking …


David Bowie: Ten things we’ve learned since his death – BBC News

January 10, 2017

… brutally honest, worth seeking out. The story of how it inspired one of Bowie’s signature songs can be heard on the Radio 2 documentary Exploring Life On Mars. 10) He didn’t think music would be his legacy Image copyright PA / Getty / BBC Francis Whately’s documentary, Bowie: The Last Five Years gave fans a rare glimpse of Bowie’s sense of humour. He was seen larking around backstage, sticking flashing baubles to his face and attacking his band with a …


5 of the best food podcasts of 2016

December 31, 2016

(CNN)Given our seemingly endless fascination with food as entertainment — highlighted by shows like “Top Chef” and personalities like Anthony Bourdain — it makes sense that there would be a great deal of interest in culinary podcasts. Fortunately, there are newcomers and longtime broadcasters who are creating some really fine material about the world of food, focusing on recipes, cooking tips, trends and interviews with chefs and innovators. Despite podcasting being …