How Britain is trying to censor the porn you watch

April 29, 2017

… information about peoples sex lives, has huge repercussions for those involved,” ORG’s Executive Director Jim Killock said in a statement. One of the world’s biggest porn website operators, MindGeek, controls 90 percent of the UK porn market and has also offered to implement Age Verification. According to Jackman, the company is trying to become the “Facebook of porn,” using personal and backend data from age verification to sell targeted ads or sell your details to …


Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen pledges $30 million to house Seattle’s homeless

April 28, 2017

… families and children, announced Seattle Mayor Ed Murray on Wednesday. In addition to the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation’s $30 million, the City of Seattle will pledge $5 million to the multi-family complex. SEE ALSO: 8 innovations helping homeless populations around the world “Paul Allen understands the homelessness crisis requires everyone in our community, particularly our business leaders, to help,” Murray said in a statement. “This commitment is an example of the …


Racial discrimination lawsuit is the latest legal mess for Fox News

April 28, 2017

… down. Slater was also named in two other recent legal actions alleging racial discrimination against the network. One person associated with the network filed a discrimination charge under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and a former employee is the plaintiff in a different lawsuit alleging discrimination, filed in a separate New York court. In an emailed statement, a Fox News spokesperson said the network “vehemently” denies claims of racial discrimination alleged in …


Manhattan man pleads guilty to ‘Producers’ scheme

April 27, 2017

… from. “Through his elaborate overtures to investors, Roland Scahill scammed patrons of the arts to the tune of more than $200,000. We are pleased to have brought his larcenous scheme to a grand finale,” Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus B. Vance said in a statement. …


If Fox News will no longer tolerate sexual harassers, the rest of the country has no excuse

April 21, 2017

BREAKING: Bill O’Reilly OUT Dylan Byers (@DylanByers) April 19, 2017 The calculus for O’Reilly changed suddenly earlier this month when a New York Times expos revealed that O’Reilly and 21st Century Fox, paid a total of $13 million to resolve multiple sexual harassment claims. New allegations surfaced and more than 50 advertisers bailed on his primetime show. O’Reilly maintains his innocence; his lawyer issued a statement Tuesday saying …


Uber will shut down its current version of UberRush

April 16, 2017

… 8, according to emails obtained by Quartz sent from Uber to businesses who used UberRush. Instead, some businesses besides restaurants will be able to use a new version of UberRush not meant for prepared foods. We built UberEATS to specifically meet the needs and support the growth of our individual restaurant partners,” Uber said in a statement. “Moving forward, we will focus UberRUSH on powering backend delivery logistics for merchants and enterprises such as grocery stores and …


Snapchat is helping advertisers by sharing where you snap

April 14, 2017

… ad tech like this,” Brandon Rhoten, Wendys head of advertising, digital/social and media, said in a statement. Snap is releasing a dashboard for advertisers that shows the number of Snapchat users who saw the ad campaign and the number of Snapchat users who visited the desired location. Snap also breaks down the data by gender, age, state and what product they used (lens or geofilter). Image: snap inc. In the future, Snap plans to bucket these users into more categories for …


This store wants you to switch off and chill out by peeling potatoes

April 13, 2017

… volume of peoples displacement are at their most critical since the Second World War,” reads a Selfridges statement. Faced with “such a disparate and contrasting picture”, the store wants customers to pause and consider what home means to them by “reflecting on” and “celebrating the essence of what makes a house a home” in addition to the rituals that take place within it. And, that means celebrating the much maligned ritual of potato peeling. How fun! …


MTV star Clay Adler dies at 27 from apparent suicide

April 12, 2017

Rest in peace, Clay Adler. The former MTV reality star died on March 26, ET has learned. He was 27. WATCH: ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Actress Lisa Lynn Masters Dead After Apparent Suicide “We are saddened by the news of Clay Adler’s passing,” MTV said in a statement to ET. “Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this time.” According to TMZ, Adler was out shooting with friends in the desert on March 25 when he apparently turned a …


Rep. McClintock’s town hall gets personal

April 9, 2017

… Syria exceeded his authority as commander-in-chief.” On Friday, McClintock issued a statement condemning the President’s decision to launch Thursday’s missile strike without asking Congress for permission. He elaborated on the point after the town hall meeting, telling reporters, “If the administration wants to commit military forces without (an) attack on the United States, or its possessions or its armed forces … the Constitution is very clear: He must bring that …


Syria’s Assad Is Still Attracting Support From Some Leftists And ‘Alt-Right’ Nationalists

April 8, 2017

… visit said she wanted whoever carried it out to be held accountable a statement suggesting she didnt believe the intelligence pointing to Assad.On CNN Friday night, she said she was still skeptical. Gabbard has Spencer before, and she has herself from former KKK leader David Duke, a Spencer ally and Assad fan who has praised Gabbards position on Syria. But the rhetoric from Gabbard and her and allies on the left who say Washington should embrace Assad including former Rep. Dennis (D-Ohio) …


Is the humble Lada now a classic car? – BBC News

April 6, 2017

… being avidly collected. But why the Lada Riva? ‘Fashion statement’ Mr Hughes, who gave up a career in teaching to write full-time for Practical Classics magazine, admits that Ladas were “deeply unfashionable” for years. But as his father had owned a few of the Soviet cars when he was growing up, Mr Hughes says “he’d always liked them”. So in the late 1990s he started buying Ladas, including the Riva, which was available in the UK from 1983 to 1997. …


Meet Memoji, the app that turns you into an emoji

April 2, 2017

… like this otherwise cute selfie I took in February that will now give my friends nightmares: Or this gif I saved of Daniel Radcliffe that will never be the same: “Emojis have become a part of everyday conversation and guide the way we chat and share our emotions, but the overall reach and impact of this important technology is limited,” said Nir Pochter, chief marketing officer of Lightricks, in a statement. “As emoji connoisseurs, we knew that the next level of …