Alila Fort Bishangarh: India’s most exciting new luxury hotel

April 24, 2017

… intrigued! We wanted to solve the puzzle.” Before they had even turned over a single stone, Khandelwal says the fort’s character was electric. “It was a bare, beautiful, raw old fortress, sitting in the middle of a small village of Bishangarh, untouched for years,” says Khandelwal. “We took our inspiration from the fort’s history and carefully wove the visual vocabulary to keep it true to its original form,” says Khandelwal. This meant embracing Jaipur …


Leather & lather: The Cut-throat Racer – BBC News

April 18, 2017

It is four years since she set up shop in the quiet, picturesque Gwynedd village of Llanbedr – a place whose claims to fame are a campsite on the coast boasting it is the biggest in Europe, and an ex-Raf airfield that wants to become an international space port. But this spring, it is Sophie making the headlines in the village, in north Wales – and beyond. She has just been named the best cut-throat shaver in Wales – the first woman to take the title. It also means …


7 of Europe’s most beautiful villages — from England to Greece

April 10, 2017

(CNN)The notion of postcard-perfect villages steeped in Old World charm has inspired centuries of travelers to fan out across Europe, seeking its secluded hamlets. As a result, the continent’s scenic spots rarely remain hidden for long. It doesn’t take much to make a charming village feel uncomfortably popular. Consider the five fishing villages that make up Italy’s Cinque Terre, where an evening summertime stroll often feels like shuffling through a packed amusement park, …


Greek Thomson: Scotland’s other great visionary architect – BBC News

April 1, 2017

… Europe Who was Alexander Thomson? Thomson, who was born 200 years ago next week in the Stirlingshire village of Balfron, acquired the nickname ‘Greek’ despite rarely leaving Glasgow and never setting foot abroad. He was brought up as a strict Presbyterian and held to his faith throughout his life. Thomson presented himself as a hard-working businessman rather than an artist. Maybe these factors could explain why the reputation of the man, who was happily married with seven …


Dubai: Insider Travel Guide

March 29, 2017

… are served with a variety of tangy dips. Bu Qtair In the fishing village to the right of Umm Sequim beach you’ll find plastic tables and chairs scattered around a car park, and a white Portacabin serving fish, fish and fish. At the counter, a selection of curry-slathered morsels is stacked high in a metal tray. Chefs fry snapper or hammour in front of you and serve it with a bowl of curry sauce, home-cooked paratha, rice and salad. Smiling BKK It’s not easy to find this hipster Thai …


10 Little-Known Facts About International Superstar Tom Jones

March 11, 2017

… It’s justso1970s. Before Tom became the mega-star and international sex symbol that he is today, he had to climb his way up to the top all the way from a small town in South Wales. To begin the Tom Jones biography, he was born in Treforest, a village with a population of roughly 5,000 people. His father worked in the mines, as many men in that village did. This could have also been Tom’s destiny, but that’s just not how the stars aligned. These 10 things about Tom Jones may …


Why I bought my daughter heroin – BBC News

March 10, 2017

What would you do if your child was a heroin addict suffering from acute withdrawal symptoms – disintegrating in front of your eyes – while waiting for rehab treatment to start? One mother from a village in the south-west of England describes how she ended up driving her daughter to town, and paying for her to get a fix. She was pouring with sweat, vomiting, crying, hysterical, shaking – just desperate, feeling desperately ill. I felt like I was trapped in a corner and that …