The sequels that should never have been made – BBC News

March 18, 2017

… slightly less exhilarating setting might have contributed to its eight Golden Raspberry nominations (it won in the worst remake or sequel category). The Jaws sequels Image copyright Getty Images In 1999, The Blair Witch Project went viral long before going viral was even a thing. The horror film used the internet to build a back story for the movie, posting fake police reports and fictional news articles about the Blair Witch, leaving many confused about whether the film was real or …


She Does A Funny Pregnancy Dance On Camera, Then Her Sneaky Mother Posts It On Facebook

March 17, 2017

… she didn’t know that her mom was going to post it on social media. No one could have predicted it would become a viral sensation on Facebook. It was more to have fun with it, because you can get so miserable in your third trimester, and so uncomfortable,” Lindsey said. “Its kind of for all the other moms out there, just to be like, heres some funniness for you. Additionally, the expecting mother told LittleThings: “In the video, we had our favorite snacks in the …


British teens are making mundane events go viral on Facebook

March 12, 2017

… making random events pop up in their friends’ News Feeds by saying they’re going to attend, even when they’re obviously not. One of the first examples of this was a “Year 10 Parents Evening” in Norwich which ended up going viral in a spectacular way. Image: facebook Basically every time someone says they’re “attending”, the event pops up in the News Feeds of their Facebook friends. More and more people jump on the bandwagon, and pretty soon …


Tattooed Dad Talks To Bullied Son About His Long Hair And Records Conversation For Strangers

March 11, 2017

… his friends would share meaningful and encouraging messages for Bodi. But what he didnt expect was that friends wouldnt be the only ones flocking to support his son: total strangers were also leaving positive comments! The dads message is now going viral, and everyone can learn something from this sweet conversation. Like our Page Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Due to restrictions, this video cannot be viewed in your region. More From this publisher : HERE Recommended …


Geri Horner: Why my son is named after George Michael – BBC News

March 10, 2017

… and harsh. For me, Girl Power was a much more punchy way of saying it. But actually, Girl Power embodies much more than a gender. It’s about everybody. Everybody deserves the same treatment, whatever race you are, gender you are, age you are. Everybody deserves a voice. It was just saying that in a very digestible way. There was a clip that went viral last year, where the band had a blazing row with a director who wanted you to show more cleavage. Oh, I saw that, when I told the bloke to …