Women in science share a message: Don’t give up

April 23, 2017

Washington (CNN)From across the fields of science they came, marching to show that women in science have a lot to say. Biologists and ecologists, medical researchers and EMTs, doctors and nurses, biomedical engineers and neuroscientists came with stories of why they fell in love with science. They ranged from little girls to seasoned science veterans, all carrying a message of what they’d like to tell other women. …


25 ways to save $250 a month that everyone is messing up

April 22, 2017

… going to put myself or my family at risk by cooking dinner using expired ingredients. If something is bad, its better to chuck it then risk getting a bad case of food poisoning. 10. Signing up for a new credit card just for the rewards In some instances, credit cards have perks like rewards, cashback on purchases, and 0% percent APR for balance transfers that make them worth considering. Before applying for that new card, review all of the fine print. This applies to businesses as well. The cost …


Instagram killing Snapchat? Don’t count on it

April 19, 2017

… ALSO: If you hate Messenger, you’re really not gonna like Facebook’s latest update But to compare Instagram Stories 200M DAUs with Snapchat’s total 161M daily active users is to equate apples with oranges. And despite the fact that Instagram has made an effort to copy nearly all of Snapchat’s signature features, treating the two apps as similar platforms to begin with is a fruitless exercise. First, its worth noting that Instagram Stories is not its own app. It’s a …


Trump Rushes Into World Affairs

April 13, 2017

… for its part, at the United Nations abstained from voting against an American resolution condemning Bashar Assad for his gas attack on Syrian civilians. Were either of things worth the abandonment of the main American economic argument against China? Probably not. Did Trump run the traps of his national security team before cutting a deal with Xi? Probably not, since it all happened in a couple of hours. Jonathan Ernst / Reuters Putin is a bully, but if you answer him with bullying of your …


China is dominating the world in esports earnings

April 11, 2017

… off its live streaming feature in 2012. SEE ALSO: The esports industry is estimated to be worth almost $900 million Image: The champions of Esports With all these hundreds of millions of people tuning in to watch competitive gaming, the number of esports competitions per year has increased drastically in the last decade, the most jam-packed year being 2015 with nearly 5,000 tournaments before falling to around 3,900 tournaments in 2016. Despite the dip in tournaments last year, prize …


9 of the greatest rivalries from breakfast to best Australian city

April 10, 2017

… up in their own “we’re better than Sydney” pretension that it creates a reverse snobbery not worth even acknowledging. “Deep down, you wish you were me,” feels Sydney. “Let me get back to my champagne and don’t stick your reflection in my sunglasses ever again.” To prevent a family tragedy between these bitter sisters, the capital of Canberra was pretty much built from scratch somewhere in between. Charged with keeping things in order, the …


Jeff Bezos is going to sell off a ton of Amazon stock to fund Blue Origin

April 7, 2017

… to help fund Blue Origin. SEE ALSO: Jeff Bezos suits up in giant robot armor as Amazon prepares to take over the world Bezos will be selling $1 billion of Amazon stock every year, according to the mogul, who announced his plan to fund his space fun during the U.S. Space Symposium this week. To you and me, $1 billion is unfathomable. But to Bezos, who has a net worth of tens of billions of dollars according to Bloomberg, and is adding money to his vault faster than Scrooge McDuck can swim in …


Is the humble Lada now a classic car? – BBC News

April 6, 2017

… the generally agreed criteria – it is an old car that is no longer in production, and there is enough interest in the vehicle for it now to be collectable rather than scrapped. And like any classic car worth its salt, there is money to be made, although not Ferrari-style tens of millions. Mr Hughes bought his red Riva 14 years ago for 50. It’s now worth 2,000. As the global classic car industry continues to grow strongly, an increasing number of previously unheralded cars are now …


People are selling old girl scout cookies on Amazon. Not cool.

April 4, 2017

… expensivearound $10 per boxso it’s really a lose-lose. “Buying the cookies through Amazon is giving people access to cookies without access to Girl Scouts, which undercuts the programmatic element,” a spokesperson for the Girl Scouts of the USA told New York Magazine. Is convenience really worth sacrificing the beloved taste, freshness, and authenticity of your favorite treats and upsetting the entrepreneurial spirits of young Girl Scouts? Do-si-don’t think so. And hey, …


‘The Walking Dead’ sets stage for war in tense season finale

April 3, 2017

… presence felt on the show — in a stomach-turning sequence that milked his cheerful sadism for all it was worth — AMC’s signature hit has both been significantly altered and lost a substantial portion of its audience. While previous years were built around carefully constructed arcs as the central group sought elusive refuge in one location or another, Negan’s vise-like hold on the disjointed communities under his thumb cast a very long shadow, even during those stretches …


Dubai: Insider Travel Guide

March 29, 2017

… most unusual architectural feats — Raffles Dubai, a 19-story pyramid tipped with gold that’s worth the journey alone. This carnivore’s Eden is as elaborate inside — the meat is singed in pans at sub-zero temperatures. Prime cuts are served alongside beautifully presented minimal veg and flavored foam. Beef eaters can challenge themselves to identify each of the imported slabs of meat on the sampler plate, which comes with mini-cuts of Irish Angus, Aussie Angus and wagyu …


Cafe will only hire women who don’t wear makeup or have dyed hair

March 28, 2017

… worked in night-time work establishments such as nightclubs or cabarets. Some of Naturalia’s staff Image: naturalia/campfire Naturalia initially held a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for its Shibuya, Tokyo branch. It drew contributions of $8,500 191 percent over its goal. It’s worth noting that the Shibuya district is home to the popular Harajuku area. Image: Ayano Sato/Epa/REX/Shutterstock Harajuku has become synonymous with eccentric street fashion, with women often …


Santiago: Insider Travel Guide

March 24, 2017

(CNN)Head east and in no time you’ll reach the Andes; west and you hit the beaches and coastline of the Pacific Ocean. It’s worth putting off Chile’s other attractions a few days to get to know the best of Santiago’s culture, food and pulsing nightlife. There’s a boomtown feel around Santiago these days. The national economy is buoyant, corruption is low and the city’s infrastructure is solid. …


Shanghai: Insider Travel Guide

March 24, 2017

(CNN)Welcome to the future. This is the best of Shanghai, home to more than 20 million residents, 6,000 high-rises (and growing) and a constant chorus of jackhammers. It’s a city striving to set all the benchmarks for the modern world. …


The Heartbreaking Reason You Wont See A Bee On Honey Nut Cheerios Boxes Anymore

March 16, 2017

… When any animal species is endangered, it’s important for us to worry. However, in the case of bees, it might be more vital than ever to reverse the trend. That’s because, though we don’t always realize it, humans depend on bees to survive. It’s not just about the honey, either. Bees, birds, and other insects are responsible for pollinating many of the fruits, vegetables, and grains that we consume every day. It’s worth noting that these plants also feed the animals …


10 Little-Known Facts About International Superstar Tom Jones

March 11, 2017

… ended up where he did. Blessings sometimes come in very strange packages. 3. He Married Young Wikimedia Commons / Mykal Burns According to The Richest, Tom’s net worth is $250 million. Holy pussycat, that’s a lot of cash. 5. He Has 2 Sons Wikimedia Commons / Nationaal Archief Tom’s manager wanted the song to go to Sandie Shaw to sing, but she turned it down. Tom pretty much had to beg his manager for the chance to record the song that skyrocketed …


Why I bought my daughter heroin – BBC News

March 10, 2017

… enough of being a heroin addict, I want to go on methadone.” You have to go for about two weeks’ worth of meetings at least, and you have to be attempting to come off heroin yourself before they even start you on a methadone programme. It’s a real Catch 22 situation, because she wanted to come off it by that point. She was hating her life. She was obviously extremely depressed, because she was trying to take her own life. She was becoming very thin and she’d stolen off …