Tattooed Dad Talks To Bullied Son About His Long Hair And Records Conversation For Strangers

Dad Isaac Irvine had to comfort his bullied son one day after peers made fun of him for his long hair. This can be a daunting task for parents hoping to teach their children a valuable lesson about self-acceptance and self-love, but Isaac rose to the challenge.

His son, Bodi, returned home a little upset when two boys made fun of him for his long hair, calling him a girl. Even when he told them that he was growing it out to be able to donate it to charity, they continued taunting him.

The 9-year-olds morale dipped, so Isaac took him into a room and told him a secret: the tattooed dad is sometimes made fun of, too.

He then asked Bodi a series of questions designed to make the boy realize that he is unique and that just because he doesnt look like everyone else doesnt mean that he is any less special.

Isaac recorded the entire conversation, hoping that Bodi would be able to watch it and rememberthe lesson in a few years. He also decided to post it on Facebook, thinking that some of his friends would share meaningful and encouraging messages for Bodi. But what he didnt expect was that friends wouldnt be the only ones flocking to support his son: total strangers were also leaving positive comments!

The dads message is now going viral, and everyone can learn something from this sweet conversation.

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