This Starbucks barista’s coffee cup caricatures will put a huge smile on your face

Image: brittany herbert/mashable

What’s better than walking out of Starbucks with a cup of your preferred caffeinated beverage just the way you like it?

How about a cute caricature of yourself drawn on your cup?

Jason Tocewicz is not your typical Starbucks barista. He’s become something of a local superstar in Toronto, CBC News reports.

Within 10-30 seconds after taking a customer’s order down, he’s already drawn caricatures of them on their cups, and they’re spectacular.

Really, there’s no way you pick up your Venti-sized coffee-latte-whatever and not walk out with a big ol’ cheesy smile on your face.

What started out as just a fun way to prevent orders from getting mixed up has turned into a stress reliever for Tocewicz, and a reason for customers to go specifically to the Starbucks located near Eglinton Avenue East and Warden Avenue.

Tocewicz keeps the caricatures for customers pretty simple due time constraints, but on his breaks he really goes all out on the details. Here are some our favorites from Tocewicz’s Instagram:

The Flash

Mickey Mouse



Super Mario Pikachu

Minion-chu (Minion + Pikachu)

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