50 Interesting Comparison Images That Will Give You A Different Perspective

Perspective is a wonderful thing. Sometimes you can only truly appreciate something by making comparisons with slightly altered parameters, for example of location, age or time.

This list, compiled by the helpful folk here at Bored Panda, gives the wonderful gift of perspective by doing precisely that. Side-By-Side comparisons of everything from a country’s favorite tipple over the years to technological advances in street lighting, make for a fascinatingly fresh look at things you may have taken for granted. Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and gain a newfound appreciation for the changes (or lack thereof) in our everyday lives!

#1 Last Week Vs. This Week

#2 First Day Of Primary School Vs. Last Day Of Teacher Training

#3 I Did A Half Face Comparison Of Myself And My Daughter Today, It’s Kind Of Freaky

#4 On The Way To The Lake Vs. On The Way Home From The Lake

#5 4 Paintings Of The Same Sunflower By Each Of My 4 Children, All Painted At The Same Age Of 5

#6 The Arctic 103 Years Ago Compared To Today

#7 A Candle Burning On Earth Compared To A Candle Burning In Microgravity On The International Space Station

#8 When I Was Looking Through My Photos, I Realized I Unknowingly Took Two Pictures Of The Same Bull, 5 Years Apart, At A Ranch I Visit In Texas

#9 Mums Vs. Dads

#10 The Difference Between 31 And 21

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