Did Bachelor Nation’s Clay And Angela Break Up, Or Just Calm Down? Betches

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed on the toilet at work, as you do, when I came across a fire bikini pic from Angela Amezcua from Bachelor in Paradise. I would have just kept it moving, but a thought crossed my mind: this is the first time I’d seen a post from Angela that didn’t have her boyfriend, Clay Harbor, in it in what felt like quite a while. So the thought occurred to me: Did Clay and Angela break up? Or did they just chill out on social media? Gripped by my desire to put off copyediting for as long as humanly possible, I decided to investigate.

Here is the fire bikini pic in question. Ugh, this is unfair *she says as she continues to stuff her face with sliced cheese on toast*

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Cruisin right on into Spring 🛳💚 #happyfirstdayofspring

A post shared by Angela Amezcua (@angkay7) on

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Angela Amezcua first appeared on Nick’s season of The Bachelor, but got eliminated pretty early on. She had all but faded into post-Bachelor obscurity when, seemingly out of nowhere, she got invited to appear on Bachelor In Paradise last season. She quickly became a star, and then almost as quickly, got jerked around by Eric and left Paradise single. Angela didn’t get the storybook ending she deserved on Paradise, but she found love a short while later, when she and Clay Harbor from The Bachelorette started dating. Clay competed on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, but had to eliminate himself early when the real football player got injured during a fake football game.

I guess it’s true what they say: you don’t know what you got ‘till it’s gone. Because I never really took note of Angela and Clay’s relationship beyond the occasional passing “that’s cute” thought until I realized they had not posted together in a while. So I started with Angela’s Instagram and worked my way back. In February, she posted three photos with Clay. In January, she posted five. In December, four. But in March? It’s currently March 21st, and she has not posted a single photo with Clay. Not one. That raised some flags to me.

This photo is the last time Angela posed with Clay. It happened on February 28th, which wasn’t like, so long ago, but also isn’t particularly current. However, that photo was a #tbt! Meaning that photo was taken before February 28th! The plot thickens.

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All of my favorite things in one picture 😍🌊 #tbt

A post shared by Angela Amezcua (@angkay7) on

Then, I decided to take a look at Clay’s Instagram too. Clay posted one photo with Angela in February, two in January, and three in December. And, you guessed it: zero in March. ZERO! Now I’m really wondering if they broke up! For a couple who used to post together pretty frequently, to not post a single couples’ shot is suspect. I’m starting this rumor unless somebody on r/thebachelor has beaten me to the punch, which is likely. Oh well!

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Anything goes on a Friday night. #datenight #thatdresstho #cysticfibrosisawareness

A post shared by Clay Harbor (@clayharbs82) on

Then again, there are other explanations for why Clay and Angela haven’t posted pictures together this month. Number one, I’m not sure if they live in the same city. Clay lives in Chicago, but I have no idea where Angela lives—her Instagram booking info lists TN, NC, and SC. She also alluded to the possibility of moving in with Clay to UsWeekly back in October, so they at least weren’t in the same city back then. So maybe Clay and Angela just haven’t hung out in a minute. Or, the other possibility is that they’ve just chilled out on Instagram. I haven’t been in a relationship for very long (it’s fine, it’s cool, I’m not bitter at all), but I imagine that eventually, the novelty of posting all the time wears off. Their post trajectory indicates a tapering off. Now, is that due to a breakup or to a natural disinterest with couples ‘grams? I can’t say for sure. With no official updates and no news stories since October (if you don’t consider a few B.S. articles from December about “analyzing their body language” news stories, which I do not), all we can do is stalk their Instagrams and make a guess.

For now this remains a mystery! But I, Sgt. Olivia Betchson, am on the case. Now I feel personally invested in whether or not Clay and Angela are still together, because I actually thought they were a very cute couple. Rooting for you two! And also, please give me the tea!

Images: clayharbs82, angkay7  (2) / Instagram; DisneyABCPress (2)

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