Fox Business Host Asks Kellyanne Conway If Husband’s War With Trump Is Just ‘Shtick’

It took the Fox Business Network to ask Kellyanne Conway the question all Americans want to know: Is her husband’s Twitter war with President Donald Trump legit or some sort of “shtick”?

The question came Thursday on “Mornings With Maria,” when host Maria Bartiromo set up the question by saying this:

Somebody said to me earlier, “Look, I think it’s a shtick. It’s a like a one-two punch. He’s going to be against him, she’s going to be for him, just in case anything goes wrong, she’s got a leverage, she’s got a plan B.”

The Daily Beast noted that many people have speculated that Kellyanne and George Conway are trying to angle a cable show deal, à la James Carville and Mary Matalin, after Trump is out of office.

Of course, just because Bartiromo asked a provocative question doesn’t mean Kellyanne Conway was going to give a provocative answer.


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Instead, Conway put Bartiromo on the defensive, asking, “Do you think that could possibly be true?” 

Bartiromo stammered, “No, I’m just saying what people are [saying].”

Conway admitted that she appreciated the president’s “defending what he thinks is unfairness,” and said she’s a little miffed by her husband’s consistent and public criticism of Trump:

I was raised in a household of strong Italian Catholic women who taught me you air grievances like that in private. So it is very surprising to see it be so public.

She also said the president is protective of her and respects her relationship with her husband.

“I’m not being asked to choose between my marriage and my job,” she said. “Donald Trump has never made me feel that way. I know George is quoted recently as saying, ‘I wish she didn’t work there.’”

Bartiromo asked Kellyanne Conway if her husband has asked her to leave her White House post.


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She replied, “Certainly, but what message does that send?”

You can see Bartiromo’s complete interview with Kellyanne Conway below:

Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

This post was curated & Posted using : RealSpecific

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