Girl Asks Guy For A Formal Resume To Go To A Wedding With Her As A Joke, He Delivers

Funny Tinder profiles are great, but the app offers something even better. Pleasant human interactions that extend beyond spontaneous dick pics. They’re rare, I know, but they do happen. And Delaynie and Nate are here to prove it.

Image credits: delayniemarie

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Image credits: delayniemarie

Image credits: delayniemarie

Image credits: delayniemarie

To Delaynie’s surprise, Nate wasn’t lying. Taking the “super cool date” position very seriously, he penned a resume that included all of the main focus areas, including experience and key features. “I was using Tinder for a year or so when it happened,” Nate told Bored Panda.

Image credits: delayniemarie

What asked what was it about her that made Delaynie stand out from his other matches, Nate remained sincere, “Honestly, just how attractive she is.”

After Delaynie shared their exchange online, over 50k Twitter users liked it and started asking if Nate’s resume got him the “job.”

Image credits: delayniemarie

At this point, I invite you to play the bad-news-good-news. The bad news is, Nate didn’t attend the wedding. The good news is, however, that the two of them remained friends.

“My experience with the app has been pretty good, I’ve made a few friends but Delaynie’s the only girl I’ve actually met,” he added. “My first impression was that she’s super outgoing and extremely fun to be around, it hasn’t changed even a little.”

“We’ve never officially been a couple but we hang out and go on dates occasionally, and we like it that way.”

Image credits: delayniemarie

If you’re interested in other things that happen on the (in)famous dating app, check out these hilarious posts about Tinder, or read the story of a guy who got banned from using it for creating a ton of custom profiles.

People had a lot to say about their instant connection

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