Jordyn Woods FINALLY Moves Her Stuff Out Of Kylie Jenner’s House – Wait, What?! – Perez Hilton

Kylie Jenner and her ex-BFF Jordyn Woods are finally done for GOOD… at least for now!

That’s because late last week, Jordyn finally moved the last of her stuff out from Kylie’s house! Yes, really — months after the alleged tryst with Tristan Thompson first broke the news, and Jordyn was unceremoniously kicked out of Kylie’s crib, only now has she actually taken all her stuff with her.

So, wait, what took so long then???

According to TMZ, Kylie was reportedly “super chill” about the entire situation after Jordyn’s alleged Tristan tryst — so much so that she actually didn’t make Woods remove all of her stuff from her home, opting to allow the girl to leave behind a bunch of her belongings just to make things easier.

Apparently, Kylie was counting on the entire thing eventually blowing over to the point where Jordyn could one day return to live with her again — thus choosing to let her former BFF leave some stuff behind to simplify the whole process. Makes some sense! But… there was an issue.


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See, according to sources, “somebody else in the family” flipped out once they noticed Jordyn’s stuff was still in Kylie’s home. TMZ reports that they are “not allowed to say who,” but that it was a family member of Kylie’s who apparently “thought it was ridiculous and disrespectful” that Jordyn was essentially using Kylie’s pad for storage after her alleged role in helping to bring down Khloé Kardashian‘s family… Well then!!!

Kylie ultimately decided to keep the peace within her fam and chose to have Jordyn come over and get her stuff ASAP — and that’s exactly what happened this past week, with Woods moving all of her belongings out of the house for good, now, and apparently leaving nothing behind this time so as not to offend or anger any members of the KarJenner clan.

But now we must really wonder… who was it who flipped out on Kylie about Jordyn’s stuff in the first place?? It’d make some sense if it were Khloé, angry that Tristan’s reported makeout buddy was still storing stuff with the makeup mogul.  It may also make sense if it were somebody like Kris Jenner — we can sort of imagine the family matriarch wanting to keep the wagons close, and thus getting mad that Woods still had some hold on Kylie’s place even after it all.

Or could the mystery person be somebody else, entirely?! Kim Kardashian West?? Kourtney Kardashian?! Kendall Jenner??? Somebody else altogether?!?!

You tell us, Perezcious readers: who do U think got mad at Kylie upon finding out Jordyn Woods was still storing stuff in her former BFF’s house as recently as a week ago?! Sound OFF with your answers in the comment section (below)!!!

[Image via Instagram]


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This post was curated & Posted using : RealSpecific

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