McDonald’s debuts McDelivery clothing line featuring Big Mac onesie, fry-themed sweatsuit

The new McDonalds McDelivery Collection might just be the next best thing to swaddling yourself in Sausage McMuffins.

In honor of its first-ever Global McDelivery Day, McDonalds has debuted a collection burger-themed clothing, footwear and bedding accessories, among other McDonalds-branded apparel. Per a press release, the items were designed to be fun, fashion-forward items you can wear or use whenever and wherever you order McDelivery via UberEATs.


Offerings include a fry-themed sweatsuit printed with the words World Famous (along with matching sandals); a white onesie decorated with images of Big Macs; pillowcases that make it appear as if youre sleeping on fluffy, oversized burgers; and a picnic blanket emblazoned with McDonalds most popular menu items.

However, getting your hands on the collection isnt as easy as walking into your local Mickey Ds. The McDelivery Collection is reserved only for patrons who order McDonalds deliver via UberEATS, and only at participating restaurants while supplies last.

On the flip side, the items in the McDelivery Collection will be provided to customers free of charge upon delivery. McDonalds is also planning to give away some of the items during special deliveries and other fun McDonalds moments, although they have yet to provide further details.


McDonalds originally announced its partnership with UberEATS Ubers food delivery service in May, and their McDelivery operation has since expanded to include thousands of participating restaurants nationwide.

“We are bringing a new level of convenience to more of our customers as we continue to transform the McDonald’s experience,” said McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook of the service, which charges customers a premium usually around $4 for the privilege of delivery.

A spokesperson for McDonalds has confirmed to Fox News that a list of participating McDonalds restaurants in the U.S. and elsewhere will be revealed on the McDelivery website on June 25. 

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