Scientist Bakes Bread From 4,500-Year-Old Yeast, Says The Flavor Is Incredible

Bread, bread, glorious bread. You can dunk it in delicious sauces. Spread cheese on it. Toast it. Or eat it all by itself. There’s nothing like a warm roll on a crisp British morning or a fresh baguette (or two) while watching the sun rise above the Seine. You can practically hear English sheep bleating and French accordions playing as you’re reading this. Who doesn’t love bread, the food staple that’s been around since the dawn of civilization? And don’t even get me started on pastries. One man who is head-over-heels in love with baking is Seamus Blackley, a scientist who used 4,500-year-old yeast to bake a loaf of bread. That’s as cool as it looks delicious! It seems like …

‘Faux guacamole’ raises alarm for taco lovers as avocado prices soar

High avocado prices have forced some taquerias to substitute squash in their guac recipes and its hard to tell the difference From horsemeat labeled as beef to tilapia passed off as grouper, fraud has long plagued the food world. Now, taco lovers are crying foul over the discovery that their guacamole might not be what is seems. First uncovered on

Up to four avocado trucks stolen in Mexican state every day

Packers and exporters took out newspaper adverts to decry situation in Michoacn, a battleground for warring crime factions Up to four trucks carrying avocados are stolen every day in the violent Mexican state of Michoacn, as organized crime groups seek to take advantage of consumers seemingly insatiable appetite for the fruit. Avocado packers and exporters took out newspaper adverts on Friday to decry a worsening security situation in the state, which has long been a battle ground for warring crime factions. The banditry has become so severe that packing plants have promised to pay growers 15 pesos a kilogram (78 cents) for any avocados stolen during the transportation. Its impossible to continue taking these losses, the advert said. Failing to …

Banned bread: why does the US allow additives that Europe says are unsafe?

China, Brazil and members of the EU have weighed the potential risks and outlawed chemicals found in US loaves Give us this day our daily foam expander. It may sound odd, but in America, your loaf of bread can contain ingredients with industrial applications additives that also appear in things like yoga mats, pesticides, hair straighteners, explosives and petroleum products. Some of these chemicals, used as optional whiteners, dough conditioners and rising agents, may be harmful to human health. Potassium bromate, a potent oxidizer that helps bread rise, has been linked to kidney and thyroid cancers in rodents. Azodicarbonamide (ACA), a chemical that forms bubbles in foams and plastics like vinyl, is used to bleach and leaven dough but when …

Green new meal: restaurants can charge diners to reduce their carbon food-print

California program will add an optional 1% surcharge to diners checks to help fight climate change Dining out isnt the most eco-friendly activity, thanks to the carbon footprint of food brought in and the waste inherent in running a restaurant. Now, an effort by California restaurants wants diners to help fight climate change by paying more. Concerned eateries can join the Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific