Anti-Vaxxers Think They Debunked Vaccines With This Meme, Instead, 19 People Point Out Everything Thats Wrong With It

A common tactic of the group, someone decided to share a visualization of how many vaccines were required by the age of two with a photo of a doll stuck with vaccine needles. The meme was posted to the Facebook group Natural Cures Not Medicine who then asked: “Do you really think this is safe?” The photo may have been well received by their page, but not by the rest of the Internet who were quick to answer the question and they were not the answers they were looking for. Someone posted this meme to an anti-vaxxer Facebook group And someone was quick to answer – just not with the response they expected

45 Christian Memes That Will Make You Laugh Regardless Of Your Religion

We here at Bored Panda are sure that Jesus himself would approve of these memes, which tackle Christianity with a bit of fun and a huge smile. Scroll down below to check them out for yourself and enjoy, but not too much though ok? God would prefer that you laugh with him, rather than at him! #1 #2 Memes have quickly grown into an incredibly useful and important means of communication, with their often amusing, easily shareable format using cultural references to clever get a point across. Perhaps churches could use them more regularly to reach the younger members of their faith? “I don’t think memes are a replacement for sharing the Gospel with someone, but if they can be used as …