The Backyard Scientist’s molten metal gun will melt your face off


Everything’s better when squirt guns are involved, especially when they’re shootingpewter melted down to nearly 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the latest YouTube video from the Backyard Scientist, hetries out his molten metal squirt gun with some thrift store pewter home decor, glass, hot dogs, fire, and, of course, a watermelon.And yeah, the molten metal stream shooting out of the squirt gun definitely looks like a lightsaber blade that could slice off your arm.

Using styrofoam, glass, water, and more, the scientist shot the molten metal off at different objects to see what would happen. Unfortunately, the watermelon was probably theleast exciting of target practice, but hey, at least he had a chance to setsomething on fire in the end.

Oh, there’s also a fun cameo of his new DIY Tesla coil complete with, of all things, afidget spinner. Yes, it looks completely ridiculous and fun to touch, and he’s even included the schematic to the coil and a writeup guide to the squirt gun in the video description.

However,I’m not so sure I’d want to try my hand at shooting melting metal at inanimate objects myself.

Watch the full Backyard Scientist video on the molten metal squirt gun below:

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