This Statistics Conversation Will Either Make You Depressed Or Explode With Rage

There’s nothing science nerds love more than sharing facts and diligently checking their sources, which might explain why they’re all over this Twitter thread.

Writer Nicole Cliffe asked everybody what statistic most infuriated or upset them, and boy did they deliver. Prepare yourself, because they really are just as anger-inducing and upsetting as she asked for.

For starters, a lot of women found this both depressing and extremely familiar.

In a weird statistic (to give you a bit of light relief before we move on to many, many grim facts), someone worked out how many grandchildren there’d be if every child in a 19-child family decided to have 19 kids themselves.

Here’s where everything starts going to hell. A lot of these stats are seriously messed up.

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To date, there is no national registry of civilians killed by police in the US, but studies have shown that around 1,500 police homicides occur per year. That’s around 8 to 10 percent of the overall homicides committed in the US. In terms of people killed by strangers, the statistic looks a lot more shocking.

“Of all American homicide victims killed by people they don’t know,” the study’s authors wrote in Granta, “approximately one-third of them are victims of the police”.

Stats about people who made it to prison, and other stats about the police, were also extremely grim.

Elsewhere, there were quite a few about wealth inequality and the healthcare system. 

A lot of stats were on gender equality, including these alarming ones.

And then there was an onslaught of other ad-hoc alarming statistics that’ll make you want to scream long into the night.

Howling in despair yet? Let’s end on something a little less depressing.

We even have good news. According to Van Wagner Airships Group, there are actually between 20 and 25 airships in the world, with around 13 active blimps. So we guess it’s not all bad.

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