Watch This White Supremacist Get Scared & Take Off His Uniform Saying He’s Just At The March ‘For The Fun’

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So what do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Is this a troll having a laugh at the expense of minorities? Or a white supremacist trying to escape consequences?

Is there a difference???

Watch and decide or yourself (below)!

Hunt was deeply shaken by the experience, which serves as a reminder that these people can easily slip off their uniforms and walk among us with impunity.

He writes in his article:

“Since I’m a person of color, my identity is not a uniform I can take off when I am feeling unsafewhen I’m stopped by police or when my white girlfriend and I travel through southern towns where Confederate flags billow from porches and pickup trucks. Like all minorities, I’ve grown used to the way that difference marks methe burden of being ever ready for the moment my skin turns me into a target for angry white men determined to take back what they think the world owes them.”

You can read Hunt’s entire article HERE.

[Image via YouTube.]

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