You Just Have A Lot Of Feelings: Weekend Horoscopes Aug. 2-4 Betches

Well fam, it’s officially August, and, therefore, an appropriate time to begin buying fall clothes, planning Halloween costumes, preparing for Thanksgiving, going Christmas shopping, and making your New Year’s resolutions.

While this year has kind of flown by, rest assured that your weekend won’t. We’ve got planets and stars doing all kinds of wacky sh*t, but it looks like, after some messy Friday and Saturday experiences, Sunday will be sloooow and chill for the majority of us.

Let’s dive in, shall we?


The weekend is set up for success, Leo. Friday will be a professionally satisfying work day, so going out to slam a few glasses of celebratory wine are def in order. Saturday and Sunday offer a taste of true relaxation, so don’t fight the urge to kick back at home with a good book or Netflix series.


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The moon in your sign means all eyes are on you, Virgo. Stop being so humble and soak up your own awesomeness as you head into the weekend. You may end up spending some of the weekend helping your SO or a parent (or sibling) with a project or cleaning activity, but try to take it in stride. By Sunday, projects will be wrapped up and you’ll be in a great position for a friendly lunch date or meetup with friends.


Get ready for a weekend of soul-searching, Libra. The moon is all about f*cking with you, so you’ll be feeling hella introspective on Friday and Saturday. You can (and should) learn from your past (just like you learn what you can and can’t eat before running distance), but be cognizant of some not-chill memories that may pop up, too. The time machine in your mind takes a break by Sunday, though, and you’ll be able to socialize with friends without being weirdly introverted.


This week has been wild in the romance department, Scorpio, and not really in the fun way. By Friday, things will have chilled tf out, and you and your SO can enjoy a night out (or in) without any drama. Turns out, all those emotions will translate into a pretty amazing sex life over the weekend, so whether you’re wifed up or single, make good choices and have fun, sweetie.


Jupiter is making moves in your sign, Sagittarius. For the weekend outlook, you’ll be itching to drop everything (including money) on a spa getaway or spontaneous trip. That’s super Insta-worthy, but try to take a peek at your bank account before just pulling the trigger. Balance is key. You can still have fun without breaking the bank (or going into debt).


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Pluto and Saturn have teamed up in your sign, Capricorn, but it isn’t bad news. This weekend, you’ll be all about finding a cause, like becoming the recycling champ of your town or some sh*t, and showing everyone how dedicated you are. You may also meet some interesting new folks as a result. If you’re single, there’s potential for a romantic match on Saturday. We hope you don’t actually meet them while you’re like, cleaning trash, though.


Friday and Saturday have deep sh*t in store, Aquarius. You may find yourself having borderline scary talks with your SO or bestie about life, death, and the future. If you’re having these discussions with a partner, you may (weirdly) find that they lead to a LOT of passion. If not, you’ll feel renewed regardless. Thanks to the tumultuous talks, though, Sunday promises to be much more chill, and you can veg out without feeling bad about it.


The moon in Virgo weirdly puts you in the hot seat when it comes to relationships, Pisces. You’ll be focusing on friendships, romances, and family ties Friday and Saturday, with little mental capacity to do anything else. You can totally drown it out with alcohol or let it ride—live your truth, fam. Use your strong grip on reality to center yourself and calm tf down.


You’ve got a sh*tload of energy this weekend, Aries, and you’re gonna end up pushing it out into coaching others. Whether your posse needs life advice, relationship advice, or what-show-should-I-binge-next advice, you’ll be all about dishing your info Friday and Saturday. By Sunday, you’ll be f*cking tired, and may feel like you overdid it, but you can rest assured no one took it that way. Pay extra attention to your SO or bestie on Sunday, too, as they’ll be feeling a lil needy.


Plan a romantic f*cking weekend, Taurus, either with your SO or yourself. Yes, really. Romance in generally may feel all over the damn place on Friday (thanks, Venus), so Saturday may be the best time for a date or romantic getaway.


So emotional, Gemini. Friday and Saturday are going to feel like a real feelings rollercoaster, so be sure to focus on the positive aspects of all of your relationships to avoid a total meltdown. The moon in Virgo is actually going to bring some demanding feelings-related sh*t your way Friday and Saturday, be it with a partner or your parents, so be sure to make time for some relaxing activities come Sunday.


You’re in a showy mood when it comes to loved ones. In other words, words may fail this weekend thanks to the moon in Virgo, so you’ll be all about physical displays of affection. It’ll actually pay off on Friday and continue through Saturday, so think of it as a blessing in disguise.


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