You’ll Run To Your Nearest Thrift Store When You See What These 20 People Found

I’ve always loved combing through thrift stores because they’re treasure troves of interesting and sometimes rare, very valuable items.

While it’s true that there’s a lot of junk up for sale in second-hand shops, you never know when you might stumble across an amazing find. That’s just part of the fun.

These 20 people definitely agree, because during their explorations through old and discarded possessions, they made some pretty awesome discoveries.

1. Why anyone would ever get rid of a mounted T-rex is beyond me.

2. “I collect old purses from thrift stores. I used one yesterday for the for time. I pulled this out of a hard to see zip pocket in the side.”

3. “My friend guided me to a charity shop that had a donation of brand new wedding dresses from a boutique; this had 1595 on the tag. I got it for 25 and it fits like a glove!”

4. A throne for your royal kitty.

6. “10 years ago, I played bass in a local rock band. Yesterday, I found my band’s t-shirt at Goodwill.”

7. “Found Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here vinyl still in plastic wrap. It has the numbers on the record of the first pressing… for $1”

8. When you find a book written and signed by Ernest Hemingway at a yard sale for $2.

9. Or by Stephen Hawking.

10. “Went to Goodwill for a $3 poster frame…came back with a Wurlitzer organ for $0.50.”

11. Tissue, anyone?

12. These hilarious kitties would brighten up any bathroom.

13. Thrift stores are a surprisingly great place to find 1920s costumes for prom.

14. How could you not buy the t-shirt doppleganger version of you?

15. Same goes for paintings.

16. “Jackpot. 10k gold, diamond, and emerald ring for $1.”

17. “Salvation Army find! Apollo 11 cuff links, The exact same pair are on display at the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution.”

18. “$12.99 for a Nikon D3200 and $9.99 for a Cannon EOS Rebel XS. Both basically brand new. Thanks goodwill!”

19. There is endless fun to be had with your roommates when you find your own Gollum/Smeagol cutout.

20. When you pay 25 cents for a used wallet and find a bunch of cash tucked inside.

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